Recently, I was on a bus ride from Pittsburgh back to Philadelphia. I do this about once a month to visit my friends and party at a bar where we get free drinks and get to go into the club that's connected to it. FOR FREE. I pretty much go to Pittsburgh with $60.00 in my pocket.

Anyway, on the bus ride back to Philadelphia I sat next to a guy who slept for most of the ride. This didn't bother me because I have sat next to some pretty ridiculous people. I've had a girl fall asleep on my shoulder and a girl who just felt like leaning on me while she used her laptop. Compared to those two, I must say this guy was the ideal riding pard'ner.

When we got to the pit stop in Harrisburgh—halfway through the trip—he was still sleeping. "Well, if he wants to get up it's up to him," I thought. It's pretty obvious when the bus makes a stop because the jolt of the brakes can wake up anyone, including myself, and I sleep like a baby at all times. So I went in and got myself a breakfast bowl, coffee, and a bottle of water. I felt full and decided to finish my coffee and start the bottle of water on the bus while jamming to some great tunes.

I was in and out of sleep for a bit and when I woke up, we were stopping at the Harrisburg mall; the stop before Philadelphia. "Excuse me," the partner said.

I went to get up, thinking he was getting off here, but he grabbed my arm. "No, no. I must have slept while we were at the rest stop. Could I trouble you for some water?" My heart started beating and my stomach began to turn. How can someone ask a guy for his bottle of water? I don't even think about germs and stuff, but I'm pretty sure asking a total stranger for a sip of their water is rude.

"Suuuuuuureeeeee," I said in an awkwardly high pitched voice like I had been kicked in the balls. He took the bottle from my hands and examined it.

"Fred?" he asked, looking at the logo on the bottle.

"Yeah, I don't know."

"Haaaaa," he laughed. He began drinking my water. He didn't even "fountain" it! He just chugged it like it was his bottle.

For the next three hours, I sat with the bottle in my hand. My mouth was dry from the coffee and I was dying for water. I had no choice but to drink from the bottle of water.

Did it creep me out? YES. Do I have any regrets? YES. I've been fucking sick for the past week. What is the lesson learned? When a complete stranger asks for a sip of your water, tell them no.