I received this in my inbox on facebook. Apparently, my bestfriend isn't getting a long with her roommate. 


Dear Paige:
I know i just got off the phone with you but i just wanted to bitch about how much i hate my roomate. Shes such a fuckin retard i wanna kill her. ugh. Heres a list of reasons why i hate her.
1: She fuckin turns the ac up to 75 when im not around and it gets hotter than hell in here.
2. Everytime people write funny stuff on our board outside our door she fuckin erases it. like what the fuck!
3. Shes a fuckin momma baby and i wanna punch her in the jack johnson.
4. She wears 25 undershirts of diff colors and looks stupid.
5. She talks in a high voice which makes me wanna shove a fuckin bottle down her throat.
6. She just got her own fridge becuz mine obviously wasnt good enough.
7. Shes gone home the past 2 weekends and she lives an hour a way becuz she a pussy and cant hang with the big dogs.
8. She doesnt drink soda or eat meat becuz she a dumfuck. (like seriously soda and meat, common foods of life)
9. Shes a spoiled little bitch and her gma buys her everything she wants. (hence the fridge)
10. She goes to bed fuckin early like a fuckin panzy (come on were in college)
11. She gets up so fuckin early (730) and opens the door to get ready while im tryin to fuckin sleep> (come on have some fuckin respect)
12. She wore skinny legged buckle jeans today. (which she looked extremely horrible in)
13. She brought 3 stupid ass sunflowers (live sunflowers) from home and put them in a dumbass vase on our desk. (looks gay as fuck)
14. Everything on her side is fuckin limegreen. (even the fuckin ducktape)
15. She has like 65 pairs of buckle jeans. (whata cunt)
16. She has serioulsy moved around her side of the room everyday shes been here. (how fuckin gay)
17. She doesnt wear makeup and looks like a fagle 24/7.
18. She has 25 pairs of stupid looking sunglasses (who needs that many pairs of sunglasses seriously grow up)
19. She refers everything to her "momma". (how old are we)
20. She always talks about her boyfriend that I dont give a fuck about.
21. She dresses up for class everyday like its a fuckin fashion show. (no one gives a fuck what you look like)
22. She has so many pairs of retarded lookin converse shoes that i would love to burn them all while shes sleepin (i love converse but thats to many seriously)
23. She sleeps with the tv on fuckin loud as hell and then i cant fall asleep. (and its fuckin disney channel.. are we 12)>>dont get me wrong i watch it every once in a while but every night paaaleasee.
24. She sleeps with 2 big stuffed animals that she got from her bf. gay.
25. She keeps the remote on her bed so i can never change the fuckin channel unless shes gone. (im suprised she doesnt take it with her)
26. She has 2 fuckin laptops… (serious as hell) 2 muther fuckin laptops.. like what the fuck… Can you tell shes a spoiled little bitch yet.
27. She carries around a satchel that she calls a purse (seriously Indiana Jones has the same exact one!)
28. I wore one of her undershirts out this weekend cuz im a bitch!
29. I put that exact same undershirt back in her drawer.
30. I hope you can read all this and tell me your thoughts.
31. This is extremely long cuz i have things i needa get off my chest.
32. I miss you a lot and i hope you will laugh a little but know that im dead serious about all these things.
33. Now we shall end this on 33 becuz its my fav number and i honestly didnt think i didnt like this many things about her. But I def do.

Ps. I shall talk to you tomorrow my love. Hope you have a lovely evening.. now i shall read a bit and try to go to sleep in this hell hole. I love you!!!!!!

Yo Nigga White Paige.
Pps. you can show to all your friends cuz i dont give a fuck. just dont repeat anything ive said on my fbook page lol.. cuz i dont want the bitch to see it.. i have to live with this cumguzzler.

Sincerely Again,
Badass Bitch From the Streets.