Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupid questions? Do they send you absurd text messages? Do they use words like "MyFace,""SpaceBook,"or "The World Wide Web?"
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And thank God we'll never be as dumb as they are!

When my mum watches DVDs on her computer, she never plays them full screen, because the "start" button will disappear and she would have to unplug in order to switch off.

Marsha F

My mom recently got a facebook and has been doing pretty well figuring it out, but my brother and I are her only friends and every time the family is doing something together she makes it an event, then doesn't invite anybody. She just creates the event and writes on the event wall that people should call her cell phone because she will be gone for the day with the family at said event.
Rachel R from University of Tennessee

Because my mother believes that the only way to navigate the internet is via google, I set it as her home page. Each time my she clicks on her internet explorer icon, a new tab of google pops up. Since she believes triple and quadruple clicking on the icon "works better" than just double clicking, she often has multiple tabs open. She woke me up in a panic yesterday because she "ran out of googles, but wasn't done using the internet." Each time she went to a new website, she used a "new google," and subsequently "ran out" after checking her email and browsing a few sites. What?
Lindsay Skokan from NYU

My grandparents, believing that I spend my nights watching porn, decided to search their hard drive to find evidence. My grandmother did this by typing "" into Google. In the words of my grandmother, "No wonder he's up so late! There's SO MUCH porn!" The best part is that the raciest thing I watched was The Office.
Jack Snaghre

Today my father tried to take the battery out of his Blackberry, because his "email was slow." He eventually got the battery out, in the process somehow taking several pictures of the top of his head.
Amanda G

One day I was helping my mom search for information on our family history. While I was in the other room I told her to go ahead and start searching something in Google. She called to me and said, "It is not finding anything." I went and looked and discovered she typed all the words together. I told her, "Mom, you have to use spaces." Her only reply was, "I didn't know."
Shelby Bell from Purdue

My dad looked at me while I had my Rumour out texting and said "I never understood why they call it a QWERTY keyboard". He's the man that just spent two years doing IT and networking in college. He didn't get that on a keyboard, "QWERTY" is a letter formation.
Emma Isenor from NSCC

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