In honor of Halo Reach's release this week, Dorkly would like to take this time to recognize excellence in Halo viral videos. From in-game stunts, to pranks and gamer freakouts, Master Chief has provided the Internet with hours of quality entertainment. Without further ado, here's our tribute to the titans of teabagging.


People like this are the reason the mute function was invented. Well, them and racist, pre-pubescent rich kids. As annoying as he may be, you almost have to respect his dedication to the game. You know someone really wants to win if they're willing to waste their time and voice shouting directions at total strangers regardless of whether or not they're even listening. Not to mention the amount of money he has to spend to support his lifestyle. Xbox Live is about $45 a year-and that's not even including the cost of replacement microphones and throat lozenges.