The Freshy: Or as I like to refer to them "Freazy" (Freshy+Sleazy)¬†This is the¬†innocent High School girl, that comes into college with high hopes of finding "Mr. Right", this girl will cling onto the first guy that notices her. She'll put her whole heart and body on the line only to be disappointed after a night of 5 minute sex with the guy who lives below her. He gets up to leave shortly afterwards "due to an early class" After a week of not seeing hearing or recieving any Facebook IMs this girl is left with not only a stained shirt but not a tainted record. She'll go throughout the year looking for self confidence until she wanders upon Alpha Sigma Happiness, which in turn starts the progression…

The Soft Sophmore: The girl now has found companionship with over 100 amazingly friendly girls, including a new found obsession with "the gange" (aka marijuiana, pot, weed, grass, dope, mary jane, ganja, wacky tabacky and my all time favorite the sticky icky) but back to the "soft" sophomore

The Jivacious Junior:

The Slutty Senior:

Post Grad: