The following diagram shows the implications of spring break on guys' sex life.

As college guys arrive to their spring break location, the domestic college girl supply (Sc) faces competition from the inelastic spring break location whore supply (Sb). Because random spring break location girls are so excessively drunk, exceptionally horny and will most likely never see you again, their supply curve can be represented as perfectly elastic; at the cost of a very, very low pick-up line, one may obtain a (for practical purposes) infinite amount of sex with horny random whores. The reason due to which the complexity of the pick-up strategy is so low is because alcohol provides a subsidy (lack of inhibition) that lowers the cost of pick-up. We may consider the entering of these girls into the guys' sex market as dumpling (Definition in context: providing sex abroad at a cost of pick-up effort below its real cost).However, most of your college's girls might find the level of effort is not as acceptable to them, as it is less profitable for them to have sex with guys that do not put as much effort on flirting on them as they “deserve." Therefore, as the pick-up complexity decreases, these girls girls tend to provide less sex. Because of these reasons, we can see that at your spring break location the domestic supply will only provide 0Qi sex, while random whores will provide the much larger quantity QiQb.