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My roommate wasn't all bad; just most of her was. One night she wanted to watch a lame horror movie about the people that get a phone call with a weird ring tone and hear there own death. Well before the movie I downloaded the ring tone to my cell and sent it to hers which she had conveniently left in our room. I told her I was going to use the bathroom and changed it to her incoming call ringer. We watched the movie and she was terrified afterward; she wouldn't go into any dark room by herself. So when we were getting ready to go to sleep I called her and blocked the number. When her cell went off she screamed and started to hop up then down then ran out of the room. I've never laughed so hard.
Alyse M. from CCA

My boyfriend at the time had a terrible roommate. He was also in there with his girlfriend wanting private time, came in late at night and made as much noise as possible and had stolen a couple of english essays from my boyfriend. I helped him come up with a plan to get even. We waited until the day before a holiday break. Late that night we went out to the parking lot and let a bunch of air out of each of his tires. We then super glued the caps back on. His roommate was so stupid he didn't even bother to figure out why his tires were flat! He just bought 4 new tires!! He never did find out who did it.
Amanda H. from Sam Houston State University

One night as a joke one of my roommates thought it would be funny to destroy another roommate's room. He flipped the mattress, threw everything out of the closet, poured his shampoo all over the place, nothing went untouched. The roommate came back and was furious, I don't think I've ever seen him get so mad. The only problem was that he thought it was me (I was next door partying with a chick at the time so I didn't even know about it). Either way he thought it was me and did the exact same thing to me for revenge. I simply put everything back and came out into the living room and said to him "I going to cut your throat some night". Everyone laughed and pretended it never happened. The next day he woke up with a dotted line across his neck and a post-it not on his chest saying "I could have done it". My room went untouched the rest of the year.
That Dan Guy

So after deciding to stay the summer at college to be closer to my girlfriend she dumps me for my best friend/roommate. Staying calm I decided not to fight him. Instead I have been pissing in a spray bottle and misting his entire room and wardrobe with my pee. Leaves no trace, but all of his stuff is pretty musky.
Jack R. from West Virginia University

Me and my old roommate were great friends and still are. We both spent 3 years living together and both graduated with honors. After about or first year living together his girlfriend moved in or 2 Bed 1 bath apartment. I did not mind this, she is a smoking hot Asian. A little while into that year I started hooking up with his girl when he was out. It was awesome and it went on for the remainder of our college. It got to the point where he would confide in me on her lack of interest in sex. After graduation he moved back home and I stayed at the school and got hired as there asst hockey coach. Its been 3 years since this. My roommate is getting married tomorrow (8/24/10) at our college chapel to his girl from back then. Sorry dude, I will still stand at the alter with you but just so you know your girl just came over for a quickie.
Odysseus Romulous

My roommates were a lesbian couple. Not hot lesbians mind you but very obese obnoxious ones. They had both been fired from their jobs but promised me they would still make the rent. One day I came home early from work and found a pile of money on the coffee table and a trail of extension cords leading into their bedroom. I knocked on their door and a dude with a mullet and a camera answered. They had been making porn while I was at work.
Veronica C.

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