We've all seen it. Most of us have ignored it. Some of us even vomit a bit everytime we witness it happening.


The insistent and irritating Facebook couple.


These are the two, passionately in love lovers that upload photos of themselves, and 4 minutes later go back to comment and or "like" said photos. They're the only recent posts on each other's walls, only due to the over whelming input they receive from each other, when realistically, they are probably sitting on each other's laps.


I want it to end.


I am pledging and starting a new game. I want to ruin every post I see that is  "Lover's Only" posting. I am third-wheeling up these bitches. Post and submit your best awkward third-wheeling for the rest of us poor, miserable, deparately alone slobs, so we can all rejoice in the fact that no, we will never find anyone, and will die considerably younger than people who have.