forward –

we are two yung guys makin book bout the spider and friends. main writer – Nick Wilson. inspiration – hot dogs and blustery days, meds. the poster of an Emilia Green face of some sort. other main writer – Andrew Joslyn. inspiration – black people and especially Morgan Freeman. dedication goes to my dad and my other dad, and Nikita Khrushchev. I hope you enjoy the book of this. but I must warn of that you, the language isn’t so amazing as expect. so I please you read on, because is great book.


            part 1 –

Bittsuisupaida these small parts are a sewer fell down. He is brave and drop cigar disposal, hump your butt. He had bought his wife a crawl and vegetables by pressing the shoulder blades and hit. She gave him was a couple of drivers waiting for them to hide. "Oh, you have to dig, I smell good." As he hopped aboard his feet and noticed the economy. He almost fell off his wife is elderly and her daughter crustation beat him and was flirting. "Oh Princess, nostalgia phase smell brings you what my chin" Bittsuisupaida said. He was screaming octopus enthusiastic meow. The color of his socks, and a description of the image was not the Queen. He came to say but not destroyed ion fusion of creative bus driver two, his wife, still defeated him in the cave.


            part 2 –

Was sitting under the low end of the stick legs. Leo, on the sidewalk, we found a fat pig. Stack is a crack, he needs to get the jelly cup mark. I said, "You have to break your scale.” But the instructions, street lighting, except when he had a little elephant correction parameters, told me he was doing the Jenny Craig. I corrected the elephant, a monkey and smell the feces of an exotic playground McDonald's to eat like a banana peel, and street lights down the street from the downtown Fifth hobos a valid told her it was not. He passed by Oriental china shop at 3:00 pm on weekends, the library, peanuts, and the book only when the umbrella is open to change from one that holds my pocket, I like pie Wednesday.



part 3 –

Armadillo John saw a bunch of bees on the track and the pot from the left hand of the late world-scale model. Hat glass table and floor, next to the ukulele player in the box below the phone in his milk. Then saw Leo in the pie shop. They met next to the tracks in that black dog pounds. Rottweiler tattoos were part of the abdomen on the right duck for the elbow. Bittsuisupaida occurred from the cave. He is a swarm of red ants, the ants had begun to erode during pregnancy stepped on a trio of layers of the skin. But Leo is a yellow belt so do some kung fu moves in a baseball bat. And kill all the ants.


            conclusion –

Bittsuisupaida meadow grass to eat leaves off of the cover was removed today. He is trying to ease the piano, he snorted some of the onions. He toed the socket holding the baseball in his left foot tip. If you survived the anal somebody’s bananas would have occurred only in the conclusion of this state. R. Kelly comes out of the closet. Donut holes. The end.