Wanted: Guy with a huge dong, 2 million or more in combined assets, and plenty of well-to-do douchebag friends

Hi there, I’m Grace, and I’m the girl that every man wants.  I have 6 kids all by different men that  my Mom and Grandparents take care of while I live my life as a young modern socialista.  My hobbies include going to the tanning booth, spending my father's money, and complaining about how ugly and stupid are all the other women around me.  I expect you to start a fun and interesting conversation with me while I act completely uninterested and handle all the incoming messages guys are sending me.  You will wait your turn while I evaluate each new guy because he may have a little more money then you or a slightly bigger penis, so pardon me if this girl is going to go for the gold!  While I am not shallow by any means, you do have to be unbelievably good looking to even want to message me, but if you have over a few million dollars, I’m willing to be a little more forgiving, though please keep in mind I have quite a few bed buddies and will typically break dates with you in order to go have sex with them.  They are not men that have more money than you, per se, but men who have boned me good in the past and make me feel really sexy by treating me as if I’m nothing at all.  
I’m looking for a guy to treat me right and then treat me like shit again right afterwards.  I’m going to get angry at you for no reason and fly off the handle and I expect that you’ll have no problems with the fact that I’ve had nothing but bad relationship after bad relationship.  I will flirt with your guy friends and I’ll even give them head when you pass out drunk from all the shots they fed you because I told them if you were asleep I’d do whatever they wanted.  If after I wake up from some sex with you in the morning and I see some money sticking out of your wallet, expect that I will take it and no, that does not make me a prostitute, but it’s always the guy’s job to take care of the lady and the money I am taking is for gas…to get to my other fuck buddies house across the town.  
If you are the romantic type, great, because I love cruises and private jet trips to foreign countries.  The more lavish a time you show me, the more I will laugh at your jokes and the less attention I’ll spend checking out other guys.  For all you deep, meaningful and truly loving men out there, please understand that if you have no money, all these traits are worthless.  I believe that I should have to do nothing in this world but be the pretty sexy young goddess that I am and oh by the way, while I am technically 28, I do refer to myself as 18 on my profile because my beautician says I look extremely young for my age.  If you are interested, please submit a picture of yourself, your penis, five of your best looking friends, and also some financial and employment references so I can verify that you do in fact have a lot of money.  Also, if you would like to donate some money to my breast implant/butt implant/liposuction/nose job/and cheek implant fund, please put SUGAR DADDY in your subject heading so I can contact you immediately to give you the information on where to send the money.  Thank you for your time and even if you don’t get to date a girl like me, you can at least send me a few bucks and maybe see one of my pictures.  I also have uglier friends who will take the guys that I don’t deem attractive or wealthy enough, so no one goes away unhappy! Hugs & kisses, xoxo lol muahz!