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A few weeks ago, I came inches from causing a high-speed car accident. I was so excited about getting Aquaman in my Happy Meal that I couldn't wait until I got home to play with it.

When I was a kid, I was extremely excited when our local Blockbuster got a demo N64. I played it for two hours, then went home and wrote down everything I could remember. Years later, my older brother found that laminated Pokemon binder. He still makes fun of me for writing, "Note: Secret Z button on back of controller."

For my software engineering class, I had to make an application that checks if strings in an array are palindromes. Instead of the given test array, I used the full lyrics of Weird Al's "Bob." The teacher loves me now.

One time the Final Jeopardy clue asked which Star Wars planet was also the name of a famous witch. I wrote them an angry letter explaining that Endor was a forest moon, not a planet.

I got the Quake 3 Logo tattooed in my arm 10 years ago. I'm still proud of it.

And the "Congratulations, Your Life is Sadder" award goes to these two response submissions:
In response to the guy who made two Pokemon decks to battle himself in the 6th grade: I do that too, except I'm 17 and I have eight decks. They should call you Mario, 'cause you just got 1-upped.

This is nothing. I've been doing this since 6th grade with Magic: The Gathering cards. I'm 22 and I live with my parents.