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So, over the past year I've subbed in 3 different districts, taught a foreign language at one each week, and also taught summer school for some awesome migrant children new to the English language. I've had a blast, and have received some fortunate teaching opportunities.

Near the end of July I came across a contest that only needs email votes to win. I'd obviously win something, but as part of the contest, the rules stipulate that a non-profit much be chosen who will get DIRECT winnings from the sponsor. My jaw practicaly dropped when I saw how low the votes were at that time. I knew (better yet, I thought I knew) that the contest was easily winnable because I could get crazy votes from one of my school districts. Almost gross how easy. Even now, 8,000 votes by October 5, 2010 will solidify an entrant for the second round, at which time the votes are reset to 0 for America to vote again. I live in CA, and the district population is huge, 8,000 votes is nothing.

So, I started what I thought would be my walk in a park back in July, and recieved no responses from district 1. I moved on to another district I worked for, and the situation repeated itself. I went to the third district, and again, the same exact thing. Whether I went in person, emailed or called, the results were the same. I got ignored by the school districts I work for. Some wouldn't even schedule an appointment with me as the secretary talked to "those in power" right in front of me.

One district was so bold as to say they don't support any fundraising events that profit an individual or company! Say WHAT? Everyone knows fundraising often has commercial ties. I proceeded to supply evidence from their own flyers, and websites. Such things like:

  • Buy a ticket to some sporting event on a particular day, once this year…we'll get a few bucks from it!
  • Spend money at Amazon.com and we'll get a whopping 4%-7% of your hard earned money.
  • Go to some website where we'll get 5% of whatever you spend…maybe we'll get 1%.
  • Go over to and buy some pizza, an insurance policy and some milk, we'll get some proceeds!

(These are only a few of the many examples).

So let me, and every parent and community contributor, along with the rest of our country, get this right: You want us to spend maybe $100, so you can get $5? And that $95 goes straight to a profitable company?

A) $95 gets burned, so B)you get $5, but C)You won't listen to a teacher trying to give two districts $250,000 each? and D)All I'd have to do is vote for a video with my email address? Lets NOT mention E) Who is actually aware of and knows how to use the cumbersome links for internet partners you do have?

Say hugh?

So, 2 months wasted working on the districts, and I finally thought about the classic "NebraskPWNED!" article by Kevin Corrigan, based and the wonderful happenings of collegehumor.com

And regarding the video, in case you don't go to the site and vote, it's a silly video, while every other one you'll see will be about veiled self-sacrifice, pity, and poor artistic vision. The top runner for instance, an employee of the Sponsor, says what he'd do if he got all of the winnings that means no one is sure what he'll actually do when he doesn't get 1 billion points. In either case, the amount still pales in comparison to the amount I'd be giving. Food for thought.


My message on the site is clear, half of what I get goes straight to the second district (up to $250,000, so that's $500k total combined to 2 different districts. My video content on the other hand, is meant to be funny, not sappy. And what I do say in the video, would also happen, including the giant bounce house for me:)

Mr. H