Two thirty-something co-workers are sitting at their desks…

Dave: Hey Jim, do you know how hard I fucked your mum?

Jim: Sigh No.

Dave: She doesn't know, either – she's in a coma.

Jim: Mate, I feel guilty enough as it is about running her over!

Dave: Don't worry, mate. I would've done speeded up, too.


Dave: Do you know hard I fucked your mum?

Jim: Sigh How hard?

Dave: I fucked your mum so hard that her granddaughters had orgasms.

Jim: So my daughters?

Dave: Yep.

Jim: …Isn't that technically paedophilia?


Dave: Hey Jim…

Jim: Do I know how hard you fucked my mum?

Dave: Someone's eager! Just like your mum, the cum-guzzling slut.

Jim: Brilliant. Anyway, i'm off to the hospital to see her now…

Dave: Oh, I forgot. You got a call at half past nine.

Jim: Yeah?

Dave: Yeah, she was buried this morning.

Jim: What?!

Dave: Yeah, buried under my cum.