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Back in 1997, my best friend called my mom to come pick me up from his 13th birthday party. We were playing Goldeneye, and I wouldn't stop putting proximity mines at all the spawn points. We never spoke again.

I pretend I'm Blastoise when I'm in the shower. I move left and right while facing down the shower-stream, so the water passes by my shoulders like hydro cannons.

I quit my middle school cross country team because I never got home in time to watch Dragonball Z at 5:30.

I was watching a movie and there was a flashback to 1997. The character was using a 2008 HP laptop and it was running VISTA. I got so mad that I turned it off.

I just finished a paper on Islam and found that my computer was auto-correcting "Middle East" to "Middle Earth."

My ex-girlfriend and I used to play The Sims together. We made characters representing ourselves and even got them to date. One day, my ex’s character showed up pregnant. Our characters had never had sex with each other. We had a huge argument in real life because I suspected she was cheating on me in the game.

I had long drive and didn't feel like listening to the radio the whole way, so I listened to the audio of The Dark Knight over my car speakers.

And the Epic Pwnage Award (in response to the Star Wars fans that complained in issue 34) goes to:
I really wish that all those Star Wars fans would realize that the show is called Jeopardy!, with an exclamation mark, not Jeopardy.