Classy is one of the few words that doesn’t come to mind when reminiscing about my summer adventures. It was the summer before freshman year of college and I had been seeing this guy Jake for a few months. School began in five days and as it was quickly approaching, I had tried to get in as much fun as I could before homework and dorm life commenced. I was hanging out with Christina one night when Jake texted me and asked if I wanted to come over to his place for a bonfire. I agreed to go over if Christina could come with, so I asked him to invite a friend over for her. His name was Darren and he seemed like a pretty nice guy, so when he texted us girls later that week to come over and hang out with him and Jake, we obliged his request.

The guys were drinking beer and watching Van Wilder: Freshman Year. Both of them remarked that they couldn’t wait for college because it would be just like the movie; in other words, they were idiots. Christina and I rolled our eyes and asked them if they seriously thought Kristin Cavallari would be capable of matriculating to college or if they thought college girls were all stars of some lame reality show, all the while continuing to stomach the disgusting beers the boys had given us to drink. 

Not long after I had stopped counting my drinks (I was never really good at math), I was drunk and ready for some adventure. Christina had barely finished her second beer when she begged me to rid my mind of the idea of playing the card game “Speed” but strip-style. Before she could beg anymore I was already in my bra. I kept losing the game but I refused to take off more than my shirt in effort to remain somewhat classy that night, so we resorted to making a Wii drinking game out of Mario Party 8. Frustration began taking over as I lost every game after that, and I was really getting tired of drinking beer. Jake asked if we could watch a movie, and so he and I went to Darren’s room to pick one out. I chose “Without a Paddle,” and Darren left his room to put in the movie with his mattress in tow, leaving me and Jake in his room together. Inasmuch as it’s unclassy to hook up on the floor, I was drunk and did it anyway. It never even crossed my mind that Christina was alone in the living room with Darren and his mattress watching the movie I picked out. In her frustration to get me home, Christina threw open the door to the bedroom and walked in. ”We’re leaving. NOW.” Christina  said while promptly shielding her eyes. She had just walked in on me and Jake hooking up; We were both minimally clothed, and she was not happy. 

What was that about remaining somewhat classy?