College dorms are cesspools of germs and filth, so I spent a good part of my freshman year sick with colds and other illnesses of that ilk. One illness plagued me with a persistent cough that lasted for a few weeks. It was a disgusting and gross cough that made it difficult for both me and my roommate to sleep on weeknights, and on weekends when I should have been sleeping and resting to get better, I I’d remedy myself with alcohol. 

One particular evening began with me and Dennis drinking in my room playing my Nintendo while “Drinking and Driving,” a drinking game played to Mario Kart where each player is required to finish their drink before the race is over. We were drinking vodka and lemonade which had a hasty effect on me, so naturally I lost the game and my attention span very early on in the night. A few rounds of Rainbow Road later, Dennis had to leave to meet up with his brother who was in town. He made sure I was safe within the confines of my room playing my Nintendo before he left. I soon grew bored, so I wandered down to my friend Nate’s room where he offered me some Carlo Rossi.

Walking back to my room with a water bottle filled with wine was tricky business; I was trying hard not to draw attention to myself but I was coughing like crazy. I entered my room and looked at my phone as I gulped my wine, glancing through myriad texts from friends asking me to come out or if I knew of any parties going on. I didn’t want to walk far, so the most appealing option to my drunken ill self was to visit a guy named Jacob in the guys’ dorm not too far from mine. I wasn’t sure how he got my number, but my hazy judgement didn’t hinder my decision to go hang out with him anyway. To be sure I wouldn’t cough all over him, I downed almost half a bottle of NyQuil before leaving.

I don’t know how long I was with Jacob, but the highly unsafe combination of NyQuil, vodka, and wine hit me not long after I arrived at his dorm. He wanted me to stay, but I was obstinate to his request and ran away, calling Dennis to come get me. Dennis arrived not long after and walked me to Rachelle’s dorm room where she was hanging out with Bryce and Lexi. Rachelle had been sick too, so they were just hanging out in her room and were getting ready to go to bed. “I was just trying to suppress my cough!” I explained to the room as I stumbled through the door. They laughed and made me a bed on the floor where I passed out in record time and had the longest, deepest most unhealthy night’s sleep I’d had in awhile.