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If girls quoted Winston Churchill and Aristotle in their AIM profiles instead of "Rent," we'd all be so much more erudite. That means "knowledgeable," but you didn't know that because girls quote "Rent” in their AIM profiles.
- Dan Gurewitch
Worst/Best Newspaper Headline
Ex-con Pledges to Make Rape History
-Ben Hutchinson
If I Were a TV Critic
Watching this season of Lost is like playing Scrabble with your grandmother; you keep hoping and hoping that something will happen, and then you remember your grandmother is dead.
- Chris Richman
Do I like answering my own questions? Yes. Yes I do.
-Streeter Seidell
They say too much of anything is bad, which would explain having multiple sclerosis.
-Amir B.
Urgent Mailbag

Dear Jeff,
Oh my god, my baby is turning blue. What should I do?

-Terrified New Mom

A: Wow TNM, that's actually a tough one. Sorry, I'm not sure. If any one has any ideas, leave an answer in the comments.

-Jeff Rubin
There are two types of people in this world: Guys who laugh saying the word “vagina,” and girls.
-Jerry O'Brien
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