i opened my eyes this morning to wake up to this filth ridden world but my hair was in my way so i had to move it. i didnt bother to change my "a static lullaby" tee but i did throw on sum tight girls jeans from target… bootcut ofcourse. my eyeliner from yesterday had smudged to give me the perfect im dead and sexy look. i went into the bathroom to take a piss. i avoided the shower. when wa sthe last time i showerred anyway? showering is like goigetting tan. unnecessary and not sexy. i took out my straightener and straightened my hair to get it that way like that the guys from from first to last have theres.. it looked uber cool. i walked out into my kicthen wheremy mom had breakfast prepared. she smiled and motioned that my breakfast was already made and sitting on the table. with great disgust i threw the unborn fetus and bacon into the trash. grabbed an apple juice box and called her a fucking animal killer. i decided id go to my friend troy's hosue and so i got on my bike. i made sure i wore my black sweatshirt so i could put the hood on. when i got to his house we decided to go take some myspace pics in the field down the street. some kids were playing soccer there and made fun of troys sweet new three sizes too small little boys spiderman pajama shirt. we threw our vans at them.

we began taking pics of eachotehr from random angles and then we decided to head home. on teh way home we thought of some uber sexy captions for our pictures, like old hawthorne heights lyrics.

we got to troys room and i logged on to my myspace. wat the FUCK! I HAD BEEN "HAXED"! troy began starting to calm me donw. maybe its amistake man.? he said. NO! all my cool pics i had taken of my hair before my mom made me cut it, and wen the scars from carving my ex gf's name in my arm were rele visible. were fucking gone! GONE! ALL MY 8338921893829 friends i added were gone too! wat the fuck.

I cried for abotu two hours and troy held me. then we kissed and we took pictures of us kissing so we could message them to hot chicks, cuz they thnk tht bi guys are hot.

on my way home i contemplated driving my bike into the ditch off the side of the street and waiting for an alligator to eat my tiny anorexic limbs.

when i got home i didnt bother to look up at my younger brother when he called me "the corpse homo".

i went straight to my room and broke my emery cd into little sharp pieces and carved my mypsace url into my leg.

then i took pics of it and began revitalizing my myspace.