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CollegeHumor's Search for America's Hottest College Girl has begun. The competition is going to be sweet, bro. See if you can accurately predict who will win, the person who fills out the closest Fantasy Bracket wins 1000 bucks.


  1. Do you want to see something amazing? Go watch a sunset. If you're not busy until 7 tonight, watch this kid beat Super Mario in 9 minutes with his feet.
  2. This little kid wrestles another little kid and gets his ass kicked- by the other kid's dad.
  3. There's a very good chance I only like this facebook stalker song because it's set to the tune of Hero by Enrique Iglesias.
  4. This fake photo booth prank is actually pretty funny. Especially when the booth starts insulting people.
  5. This guy paying for a toll entirely in pennies is only funny because we aren't there.

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Some guy Joe writes an interesting Help Wanted Ad.

Pic of the Day
This is what it would look like if college were a zoo.