Pepsi Guy: Hey, good morning. 

Coke Guy: Hey…

Pepsi Guy: How ya feeling?

Coke Guy: Not too bad I guess. 

Pepsi Guy: Cool, cool. So, uh, this is kinda crazy right?

Coke Guy: Yeah, yeah, I know. Didn't expect to end up here after we left that diner last night.

Pepsi Guy: Tell me about it.

Coke Guy: I like your bedroom though. That's a really cool Led Zeppelin poster.

Pepsi Guy: Oh, you like Led Zeppelin?

Coke Guy: I told you that last night, remember?

Pepsi Guy: Uhh, oh, yeah yeah, course I remember. Sorry, just forgot there for a sec. It's all kinda hazy after that 4th Coke Zero.

Coke Guy: I know right. I can't really remember much after we did those shots of Pepsi Max. That probably explains a lot. Ha…

Pepsi Guy: Ha…

Coke Guy: So… you don't think anyone saw us leave together last night do you?

Pepsi Guy: No, no, definitely not. It was pretty late when we got that cab, everyone was gone by then. 

Coke Guy: Hopefully… 

Pepsi Guy: So do you have to work today, or…

Coke Guy: Yeah I do. I should actually get going. Got to go pick up my truck, got a lot of deliveries to make today. 

Pepsi Guy: I know that game. 

Coke Guy: Haha yeah… 

Pepsi Guy: Well I'll call you a cab if you want. 

Coke Guy: Sure, that'd be great. 

Pepsi Guy: Great. Can you just hand me my cell phone on the night stand there? 

Coke Guy: Yup, here you g… hey, wait a second. 

Pepsi Guy: What?

Coke Guy: Were you using your cell phone last night when we were, ah… you know, when we got back here?

Pepsi Guy: What? No way, definitely not. Why, do you remember me using it?

Coke Guy: Yeah, I have this fuzzy memory of you holding your cell phone and saying something about YouTube…

Pepsi Guy: Hahahaha. That's crazy. Your crazy. You must have dreamed that. 

Coke Guy: I guess…

Pepsi Guy: You definitely did. Trust me. 

Coke Guy: Alright… Well I guess I'll get dressed then. 

Pepsi Guy: OK. Your boxers are over there by the mini fridge.