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As an undergrad, my roommates would eat anything and everything. I had some leftover rice in a takeout container. I also had an old can of dog food (my dog died like 6 mos. before). I poured the dog food over the rice, sprinkled some parsley over the top, and wrote my name on the box. It magically vanished in about a day.

Sarah W. from University of Utah

I am a freshman in college. Instead of using a towel, my roommate uses his hairdryer to dry his entire body after a shower. It takes him a half hour.
Zach W. from Iowa State University

I water down your milk on Tuesdays.

Remember how you use to steal all my toilet paper because you were too lazy to go buy your own? Didn't think so, you were too busy getting off to Modern Warfare anyways. I decided to fix this. We did a lab in chem that used a colorless concentrated solution of capsaicin extract. Yeah that's right, a clear hotsauce that burns like the pits of hell. I poured it all over the rest of my toilet paper, I knew you'd steal another roll. My eyes were watering from just pouring the stuff. I could hardly contain myself when you came out of the bathroom crying like a girl, but we never talk anyways so I didn't expect you to tell me what was wrong. I also overheard your conversation with your mom about your severe case of "hemorrhoids", and how it was so bad that you couldn't sit down. Don't steal from a chem major.
Michael A. from University of Texas

I was an animal science major at a very agriculture geared school. One day, in one of my classes, we were castrating pigs. I hated my roommate; she was so loud and fake and would keep me up at night, eating and watching TV. So I look some pig testicles and set them in the fridge on top of some of her frozen food. I'm pretty sure she ate it anyway.
Kaitlin A.

My roommate and I wanted to prank this kid across from us by hiding under the beds in his room and jumping out at him when he came back in. Only problem was when he came back he immediately turned on porn and started jerking off and talking to himself. He could do anything because his roommate wasn't there that night.
Jamie W.

My flatmates were going into my room to raid my box of private smoke-ables. I moved my stash, and started stocking the box with dried catnip. One guy got a really bad cough. He earned the nickname "Meow Mix." It stuck, and we have taunted him for years with the "Meow Mix" song.
Sarah W. from University of Utah

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