In a recent TV interview for Fox News, ex-Alaska governor and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin accidentally reversed order in two of her answers to a Fox News reporter's apparently canned questions.


Palin, who has been known to use cheat sheets, such as scribbled notes on her hands and small pieces of note paper discreetly hidden in her garments, was being asked by Brit Hume about a variety of topics, ranging from the so-called war on terror to home cooking, when Palin delivered the odd answers. Palin had been asked by Hume about some of her favorite Thanksgiving dessert recipes, including one for strawberry shortcake, when the former governor replied that "[w]e must do all we can to defeat this malicious and evil-doing force" and that America should "not back off until all these evil-doers are defeated and vanquished one by one."


Hume, at this point visibly puzzled by the response, quickly moved to a question about the war on terror, asking what America's most important steps to winning the war should be. However, Palin again responded curiously, this time with an answer seemingly catered to Hume's previous line of questioning.


"Well, on this topic Hume, you betcha I think they're so sweet and yummy, I could go for a few on my down days when things seem to be overworkin' ya and you want a pick-me-up," Palin answered. Hume, waiting for Palin to realize her mistake but to no avail, interjected, "You mean the strawberry shortcake?" Palin, failing to recognize this follow-up question, added "No Hume, I mean those darn terrorists."


A Palin spokesperson indicated that Palin was somewhat tired from a series of TV appearances promoting her new TV show, "Sarah Palin's Alaska," but that she certainly knew the difference between "terrorists and strawberry shortcake."