Annoying people. Can't live with them, can't – well, damn, why can't we live without them? In this article I will be examining the importance of annoying people throughout history. Before we begin, perhaps it's important that I state that I was once an annoying person. Luckily, I realized the fault of my ways, and converted before it was too late.

That aside, annoying people besides myself have been around for years. Phliosophers are annoying people. Let's start with our good friend Rene Descartes. Anyone who's taken a first year Philosophy course knows that this guy is redefined annoying with his fucking ideas. 

For those who don't know this guy, Descartes was a fucking annoying piece of shit. He was the guy who asked the ridiculous question of what was real and what was not. His conclusion? His mother fucking soul shit ass fucking self was real. Jesus. This guy had the audacity of saying that the only thing in the world he knows can exist is his mind – his soul. As deep as that may sound, it's also pretty damn shallow to me.