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I once tried to give up videogames for Lent. One day in, I changed it to only six hours of video games a day.

I haven't bought any of the Harry Potter movies on DVD yet, because I'm waiting for the 7-film box set.

One time I was looking at porn on the Internet and came across a scantily clad picture of Supergirl. The caption was "I'd love to be Superman right now." I stopped what I was doing and left a comment explaining that Superman and Supergirl were cousins. if anything, she should make you happy that you're not Superman.

I failed my last math test because I used pokemon to show all of my work.

When I was growing up, my brother and I were obsessed with Dragon Ball Z. After every episode, we would go outside and be characters from that day's show. The only rule was if you weren't powering up to shoot, then you didn't get to use the racket to hit tennis balls at the other person.

Since I pre-ordered Sonic Colors, I got the Sonic hat that came with the game. Now whenever I drive I wear the hat and blast the music from the appropriate Sonic zone as loud as I can. One time a cop pulled me over. He had a huge mustache. When he saw me, a crazy black guy with a Sonic scalp on his head, he let me go. As he drove away, I appropriately blasted the End of Zone theme.

When I was in elementary school, my Mom would ground me from being inside.