(FiniteTimes.com) – The website WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange created waves this past weekend by releasing some 250,000 diplomatic cables that have been praised by free speech advocates and roundly condemned by the administration. While many of the more inflammatory items within the cables have been covered extensively in the media, The Finite Times has dug up some lesser-known tidbits that have gotten little if any play in the press. Our list of lesser-known WikiLeaks bits includes:


VP Joe Biden loves Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's shoes. VP Biden is was so enamored of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's loafers when the two briefly met last year that he contacted Iran to find out where he could get a pair.


Biden: Hey Mahmoud, loved your shoes buddy. Where can I get a pair?

Ahmadinejad: Screw you, western pig.

Biden: Hey come on pal, that's not cool. Be a sport.

Ahmadinejad: Bite me.


Cheney to the world: take in Scooter? Incensed that his former boss would not do right by Scooter Libby and pardon him, Former VP Dick Cheney blanketed the diplomatic community with pleas to "adopt our poor boy" and offered Halliburton services to any country that "takes Scootie in and makes him a prince or gives his some other high-level position. Or car parking, if the pay is right." There were no takers.


Fantasy RISK big in diplomatic circles. Normal folks play fantasy football. Diplomats play fantasy RISK, piling up points from world events in an attempt to rule the "fantasy" world. North Korea's Kim Jong-il has been reining champ the past couple of years, based in large part on his uncanny ability to predict events such as last spring's sinking of a South Korean ship and Greece's current economic problems.


President Obama to world: buy a subscription to Cat Fancy? President Obama has frequently used the world diplomatic network to push magazine subscriptions, candy, raffle tickets and other fundraising drive items for the school where daughters Malia and Sasha attend. His efforts have been quite successful: both girls lead fundraising efforts for the school, often racking up billions of dollars in sales over other classmates.


Hillary Clinton can crack walnuts with her thighs. This generated a fair amount of diplomatic chatter earlier this year, and supposedly stemmed from an incident that occurred at the 2009 State Department Christmas party.


Putin and Berlusconi: fragging buddies? They'd had each other's political backs for years, but apparently they've also had each other's gaming backs. The Russian and Italian Prime Ministers are allegedly huge gamers, missing cabinet meetings and ribbon cutting ceremonies to team up online and cut virtual enemies to ribbons. Favorite game? Counter-Strike: Source, where they frag under the handles PutieDoll and The Italian Stallion.


Uganda is the worst country for hot dogs. No idea why this is a huge issue for diplomats, but it oddly comes up again, and again, and again in the cables. Uguanda hot dogs suck. Really, really suck. The best hot dogs? Germany.


Get Assange! The political behind-the-scenes effort to bring down WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been heating up. The more documents that are released, the more outgoing US cables are generated imploring foreign governments to do "anything to stop this leaking prick". Responses range from "Yeah, right. Like we want to be next." (Russia) to "Pending… received motorcycle yesterday via UPS… pretty… thanks!" (Israel)