Jeff's Favorite Shirt
Pizza is the Best

True Story: I wore this shirt in a Chipotle once and the manager gave me a free lunch because he wanted to convince me "Chipotle was the best." Idiot, I was going to keep eating at Chipotle anyway.

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Jake and Amir's Favorite Shirt
For the Wolf

This is my favorite shirt because it's got the best fit, and is a very nice, light, heather gray- a wonderful shirt color, in my opinion. It has NOTHING to do with the fact that I'm on it. My other favorites are probably the other two Jake and Amir shirts. After that it's Centaur of Attention.

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Streeter's Favorite Shirt
Haters Gonna Hate

It's a fact of life. Haters gonna hate. And no haters hate quite as hard as Statler and Waldorf. I dare you to find harder haters.

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Kevin's Favorite Shirt
Jetpack Hazard

Humans are poorly evolved for flight: our bones are dense, we don't have feathers, and our legs dangle helplessly below the fires of our rocket backpacks. Luckily, we don't need both. The guy on this shirt may look he's in horrible agony, but he's also beginning a beautiful transformation, from man to rocketman. Buy it and tell your legs they can't stand in the way of progress.

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