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A few years back, before I had an actual roommate, my friends and I liked to play pranks on each other. Rules and regulations are irrelevant here. My friend (who I owed for successfully making me wander through the streets of Prichard in short shorts and a pink sweater in the middle of winter) fell asleep with his shoes on and not much else on. I found his jar of change that he'd been saving for about 3 years and a bit of super glue. Took about 45 minutes, but he was soon covered head to toe in a suit of coins worth about 57 dollars. The game continues, Bucky.

Anthony F. from UAB

I had this roommate named Dylan. He had been a douche to me since the day I met him and would always make fun of jokes I would tell (which everyone else found hilarious) and try and dis me to make me look bad whenever I am hitting on chicks. Well one night he fell asleep and I put a small table right above his head. At about 2 A.M. I put a lighter to the smoke alarm and watched him jump out of bed quickly, smashing his head against the solid oak bottom of the table. Last time someone makes fun of my "yo mamma" jokes.
Steven H. from L&C

My roommate's a foreign exchange student from Korea. We've lived together for the past 5 months and I still don't know her name. I've resorted to calling "hey" since it'd be a little too awkward to ask, 'so, what's your name again?'

Hey dude, I know you were on tour, and I know that you spend way too much money on that single room even though your family lives in the city, but we do like you a whole lot. So when we fill your dorm room with 700 rubber balloons while your gone, it's not because we hate you it's because we like you. And we would help you clean it out, if you had just asked.
Madeline L. from BU

Roommate, every time you spit up into the sink it's disgusting. We all do it, and it's always disgusting. However, most of us wash it down the sink. You don't. So every time I go into the bathroom to see your mucus sitting in the sink, I use your toothbrush to scrub it off the bottom. Enjoy. Or just wash it down yourself.
R.R. from NYU

I didn't mind you housing your girlfriend here for the last week. Not even when I had to stay out to give you two your privacy. But leaving while I was at work so you wouldn't have to clean any of your dishes (or anything else for that matter) was a dick move. So you know that clam linguine I got food poisoning from? I cleaned the pot. And then I made sure to soak your pillows in the dirty water. Happy holidays, asshole!
Norway from Clemson

While in Iraq, my platoon leader was a real perv. I told him that my girlfriend sent me a pair of used panties. He grabbed them and began to sniff. Funny part is, I rubbed it all over my junk and manhood after a 5 day mission without showers.
Otter G.

My roommate is extremely socially awkward and has zero people skills. During all of finals week, my other roommates and I did the following: 1) super glued the same cup of water to his desk throughout the day, 2) continuously topped off his toothpaste with mayonnaise (he never noticed once…wtf), and 3) constantly put tooth numbing gel inside his tooth brush and every day he complained his mouth was going numb while brushing his teeth. He thought he developed an allergy to mint and was making a doctors appointment for the next week when he went home for break. How clueless could a kid be?
Zach A.

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