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I was re-reading Scott Pilgrim at school when some dude enthusiastically came up to me and said, "Hey, you read manga too?" I resisted the urge to laugh in his face and merely turned my back on him. I mean, do you see me reading the book backwards?

Last week I went to the optometrist and found out I needed a stronger prescription. My new insurance won't cover contacts, which I'd been trying to wear in an effort to look cool. I had to settle with a thick-framed Medicaid issued pair of glasses. Defeated, I decided to embrace my dorkiness and immediately ran to the nearest Gamestop and bought Fallout 3.

When I was younger, I would go over to my neighbor's house because he had a N64. When he got Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time I spent hours watching him play. He would control and I would tell him what to do. One night after I went home, he decided to play without me. I missed the cut scene where we find out that Sheik is actually Zelda. When I found out the next day I tried to beat him up and his mom kicked out me out. Then I went home and cried.

Sims 3 motivated me to clean my house and aggressively pursue my dream career, mostly out of jealousy for my sim families and their awesome, fast-paced lives.

When I showered this morning, I put my gameboy in a ziplock bag so i could play in the shower.

Epicness just occurred. Usually I drive with my Sonic hat on playing some scores from Sonic's games (that were good). But since I was going to pick up Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition I wore a replica of Mario's hat. It's not an official one, can't find one. So I was driving home jamming to my new Super Mario 25 Years of Music soundtrack from my game I just picked up from Gamestop, and next thing some poser pulls up blasting Soulja Boy too loud. I decided to show him a real G and I out-blast his speaker with Super Mario Bros 2. He tried to out-blast me, but Mario is always #1 and that pussy shut off his radio until the light turned green. Then I did my left-hand turn and drove off just as it switched to Super Mario Bros 3.
-Avery (see Avery's original post about driving and blasting Sonic)

And this week's "Cool Story Bro" Award goes to:
I just played the Final Fantasy 7 boss battle music while watching gameplay videos of Diablo 3. It was pretty awesome.