Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupid questions? Do they send you absurd text messages? Do they use words like "MyFace," "SpaceBook," or "The World Wide Web?"
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And thank God we'll never be as dumb as they are!

My boyfriend's mother isn't the brightest when it comes to cell phone use. Once my boyfriend called her (she actually had her phone on!) when she and her husband were at a restaurant. After the call was over she told her husband that it sure was smart of him to know to call her at the restaurant.
LeeAnna Dalrymple

I posted a link on my mother's wall that I thought she'd be interested in. She replied to the email notification from Facebook with the same link I posted on her wall in the body of the email.
Charlie Q

My mom tried to convince me today that Ryan Seacrest's name is actually "Rhine" Seacrest. She claims that she saw someone write it that way on the internet, so it must be true.
Bob Johnson

My aunt deliberately spelled her name wrong in her e-mail-address, so that "hackers and criminals can't find her account."
some bloke

My Dad sends error reports to Microsoft.
Sebastian Clarkin

My mother constantly asks me if i've updated my website (my Facebook profile), if I got her emails (private messages), and her text messages (facebook chat messages). I just say yes to everything.
Madeline L. from BU

I had downloaded several CDs of my wife's grandma's favorite artist. Grandma, by the way, pays for the yearly fee of Sirius and leaves it on the country station because she is afraid she won't find it again. I had the wife call and ask if her new expensive car was able to play mp3s so I could put all the songs on one disc to avoid confusion. My wife asks her and she says, "I don't know. How can I tell? Will the car look different? Will it have a bubble on it?"
John Keiffer

I got married December 2010 and I realized I forgot the CD with the music on it in my hotel room. I asked my Mom if I could use her cellphone to call my father so he could pick up the CD on his way to the ceremony. In front of 4 of my friends she explained that with her phone "you need to flip it open, dial the number, and press the green button when you want it to dial." Thanks Mom!
Ryan Elliott

My mom is anxious not to write an e-mail longer than the space in the "white rectangle" is sufficient for, as she's afraid that otherwise it will turn into "an attachment" and she doesn't know how to handle that.
another bloke from Dartmouth College

My mom recently received a forwarded email about a "giant man eating catfish" with pictures and all. She promptly forwarded it to all her friends. When I commented that the supposed "catfish" looked a lot like a whale shark, she immediately began typing a "retraction" apologizing to her friends for giving them false information. She then spent thirty minutes ranting about how the government should arrest the creator of the email for spreading lies.
Daniel Li

When I call home, I usually call my dad on his cell because we have the same service provider. When I ask to speak to mom, he tells my mom I'm on the phone. She then picks up the land line, says "hello" a few times, and when she hears the dial tone, she exclaims, "He hung up on me!" and gets pissed and slams the phone down. My dad just sits there and laughs. This has happened multiple times.

This week's award for Dude, You Should Really Call Your Grandma Sometime. She Won't Be Around Forever, You Know, goes to: I get a call about once a week from my grandma asking me if I just called. When I answer "no," she replies, "Well someone just called me and I don't know who it was." This is from her cell phone, which, of course, has caller ID.
Jay Boyer

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