A week

You've got a week? Dude that's awesome, you have like six other days to study for that stupid test. Come on, have a beer and let's go find somewhere to get drunk and hit on chicks. I heard there's a party two floors down, and there's going to be girls guaranteed. And like, you've got sooo much time to study and go to the library and crap like that, why do you need to study now? Study later dude, sooo much time!!!!

Three days

Three days? You can study tomorrow, or the day after that. There's loads of time to do that stupid studying. Yeah, do it tomorrow. There's so much time for you to study tomorrow, like hours. Man, you seriously can't ditch us. It's sports night, you can't give up on sports night. The game's on. The guys will like, never ever forgive you if you ditch us on sports night to go study.

Two days

Okay, maybe you'll study tomorrow, so that the day after you'll be fresh. Yeah, you'll study tomorrow and that will be it! You'll go to the library and everything. And maybe check out that hot girl who's always at the library, she's probably a type A neat freak but she's still like really hot. No! Focus. Gotta focus, gotta focus… Yeah, tomorrow. Because you can't ditch Halo, the people you've never meet online are counting on you. And it's already like… Oh my god! It's one in the morning? Well, the strangers online are counting on you. Study tomorrow. Yeah, tomorrow…

One day

Oh man, it's like you're hungover or something. It is sooo not you're fault you overslept by like five hours, but you got sooo many kills. Then you passed out, and the cat was sleeping on you when you work up. That sucked. Okay, here at the library. Gotta study, gotta study, gotta study. Whoa, there's that hot chick. No. Gotta study, gotta study, gotta study. HOLY CRAP, she's talking to you. What's she saying? Suddenly can't hear anything. Uh sure, I'd love to help you find that book. Alright, what now? Gotta study, but now a chance to get in with a hot chick… Argh, decisions. What book does she want my help to find? Wow, I just realized this library is really, really big. 

Twelve Hours

 God. You couldn't find anything in that stupid library, and it took an hour to find that book and the girl just ran off without thanking you. But now you've got some textbooks that will help you out here. And the bus got stuck in traffic, what a goddamn nightmare. But now's it's… oh crap, it's 8 pm. The test's in twelve hours now. Here we are at home sweet home, stupid roomie isn't here, sweet. He's probably going to come home drunk at three in the morning and puke all over the floor like last time he went out, moron. Now, time to study. Wait, these textbooks aren't for the right subject. Crap, the library closed two hours ago.  Ah, guess you'll just use Wikipedia or something. Hmm, you've got a lot of notifications on Facebook.

Eight hours

 Oh my freaking god! It's midnight man! MIDNIGHT! And you haven't gone anywhere near what you need to be studying, and you still have to sleep. What are you going to do? YOU ARE SO SCREWED! Oh wait, Red Bull. Red Bull will totally solve everything. Gotta keep believing that man, gotta keep believing. Oh wow, feeling so much more awake. Maybe the more Red Bull you drink, the more awake you feel. That makes so much sense. Don't panic, don't panic, don't panic, don't panic. More Red Bull. Now an All-Nighter will be totally so easy, now to study. Wow, is your leg supposed to shake like that. Having trouble sitting still now. Maybe more Red Bull will cancel that Red Bull out, makes so much sense.

Four hours

 Really not feeling so good. Maybe drinking all that Red Bull was not such a good idea. Maybe you should just lie down for a little bit, maybe you should run to the bathroom right now, oh dear god. So that's what you ate earlier, but now your mouth tastes completely awful. Puking sucks. Red Bull sucks. Life sucks. Everything sucks. Oh, there's your roommate at the door. Hi there roomie, not drunk for once huh? You look like crap there. Uh oh, puke's coming up again… Oh man, I am so really super sorry about this.

One hour

 Man cannot believe you puked on your roommate, that's so freaking hilarious. But it wasn't very funny when he punched you, that wasn't very cool. But you'd think he'd be a good sport after he puked all over your bed last week. He's such a loser, gotta figure out some revenge. Uh oh, gotta run. The test's in an hour, you got a good grade on the last test. And you got quite a bit of studying between when you drank all that red bull and when you puked, you'll be absolutely fine. You can totally wing this. Just keep calm and don't freak out. Maybe just drink another Red Bull for luck. 

Five minutes

 OH MY GOD! You're totally freaking out. You didn't study what are you going to do? You are sooo dead. GIVE ME YOUR TEXTBOOK NOW! I SWEAR TO GOD I'LL CUT YOU! GIVE ME THE GODDAMN BOOK! I DIDN'T STUDY AT ALL! GIVE ME THE BOOK, GIVE ME THE BOOK!