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One of my roommates was being a total tool by bragging about how rich his parents are. So when he went to his ski house for the weekend, we packed up all his clothes, textbooks, and his Xbox in white trash bags and left them outside. It snowed two feet that weekend and he had to dig through all of it to find his stuff.

Jimmy H. from UMass

I used your chapstick on my dry, itchy nipples.
Anonymous from WVU

To my ex roomie: You were an obnoxious, vapid, closed minded bitch. You constantly called me gay and wore a chastity belt so I wouldn't "rape you in your sleep." I dealt with it all through freshman year while the entire floor was homophobic towards me. Now, I'm hoping you find this because you love this website. Your obnoxiously long hair? It wasn't falling out due to some rare disease. Every night, I would cut off half a centimeter of your hair. You wouldn't even notice the difference the next day, but somehow your hair went from waist length to chin length in one semester. Also, I had sex with a woman in your bed.
Kris B. from Columbia

My freshman year my roommate was a real piece of work. I thought it was bad when you puked all over our toothbrushes the first night at school, but the worst was far to come. After you flooded the bathroom, turned off the Superbowl in lieu of Family Guy, and clogged the bathtub for 2 weeks after shaving your balls and jacking off in the shower, I did the following: Salted you freshly made sheets every night, peed on all of your clean clothes, hacked your student account and randomly added and dropped classes during mid-semester, and stole your phone impersonating your voice and called your dad saying you were drunk and scared because you just sucked a guys dick. Sorry you were forced to move home the next year. But you had to learn.
Smith from WVU

My roommate SUCKS! She always uses my stuff and thinks that I won't notice but I'm partially OCD and notice when my things are not the way I left them. She used my brand new clinique eye liner when I had not even used it yet. When I went away one weekend and came back my face wash was on HER SIDE OF THE SINK What The EFF!! She does not understand how to respect peoples shit! She uses my extremely expensive perfumes and stuff. Basically anything that is expensive she likes to use because she is to much of a cheap shit to buy her own. SO as revenge I when she was gone on the weekends she had to shoot for competition I was so livid with her that I went through ALL of her stuff with my cuticle clippers and cut seams holes and what ever I could to ruin her stuff. She had just spent about 300 dollars on clothes from Forever 21. Lots of Knit Tops. All I had to do was cut a few knits and the holes would just grow on their own. And she would never suspect me!
Not Telling from UAB

Not sure if this counts, but my brother moved back home recently since he got laid off. While I thought sharing the basement and bathroom would be no big deal, it's horrible. He smokes weed, doesn't take care of dishes, gets his beard shavings all over everything, and is generally an asshole. I get even by putting those shavings and gunk from the dishes in anything he eats/uses. I also sent a google image of herpes to his fuck buddy w/ the caption "do you know how I got these?" off his phone so I wouldn't have to hear him moan like a girl anymore. This house has thin walls.
Michaela F. from Minnesota

So I'm still in High school but one time my mom was really pissed me the fuck off so while she was at work and my dad was doing something in the garage I went into their bathroom and took her curling iron and put tooth paste all underneath the lip of it so she wouldn't see it…. well the next day lets just say she was fucking pissed 'cause she was running late to work and had to have a white streak of dried out toothpaste in her hair all day.
Nick A.

I share a bathroom with the RA, and the prick is one of those tree huggers that flips off the lights in the halls and that crap. No big deal, but then he stopped flushing the toilet. Try enjoying a shower when the bathroom reeks of piss long after you flush someone else's. You wanna save the planet? Try not showering three times a day and flush the fucking toilet you sick fuck! I've had enough. I gave my roommate a heads up and got a friend in the biology department help me make some extract of toxidermol (concentrated poison ivy oil) and put it on his toilet paper. My roommate and I are using our own and leaving with it. We can always tell if he takes a shit now because he screams like a little bitch. I'll stop this when you start flushing the toilet you filthy hippie.
Alex H.

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