It's common knowledge that nothing sells games better than celebrities (isn't that right, Brutal Legend? Well, I guess not). Unfortunately, celebrities are expensive and usually hard to work with, as anyone who's seen John Madden's diva moments can attest. However, if a game developer is looking for a royalty-free celebrity, he need look no further than the 44 past and present leaders of the free world. In honor of President's Day, here is a list of the greatest presidential appearances in video games.

8. Thomas Jefferson (Mario's Time Machine)

While this one might not count, since Mario's Time Machine is barely a 'game,' it is the rare Mario-meets-the-founding-fathers crossover that the fanfic community desperately needs more of. In it, you are sent back to 1776, the founding of America and the signing of the Declaration of Independence. For some reason, the Declaration has been lost, and you have to find it and return it to the founding fathers. It's a good thing Mario didn't use his time machine to go to Philadelphia in the present day; it would have been a much different, much more violent game.