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My freshman year roommate at the beginning of the year was alright, but by winter break she had become a major bitch and would slam doors and wake me up every night at 4 in the morning. I eventually got pissed and moved out, but she then started saying sh*t behind my back. So I posted fliers around the city telling people to text their favorite color followed by their favorite pizza topping to her number for a free pizza. Blue pepperoni, bitch.

Grace A. from NY

Yeah, I have a weird taste in food, blame my English butcher heritage. But if you keep stealing my money, I will keep leaving my fresh pig blood, offal and skin all over the place. I accept that you are vegan, I even bought a separate fridge to be kept in my room. Okay I can live with you making fun of me for being an Aspie but that is how I can tell you lie. I started to memorize serial numbers of my bills and found several in your wallet after you claimed that you had "No idea where they are." If this continues I will escalate and I can do worse than Dexter when it comes to butchery.
Daniel P.

My roommate jacks off pretty often, usually 2-3 times a day. This wouldn't really bother me normally, but we sleep in bunk beds, and whenever he goes at it the bed shakes violently. So, to teach him a lesson, I unscrewed the screws that keeps the top bunk anchored (he sleeps on the bottom). The next time he jacked off the top bed fell on him. He broke his nose, but he never jacked off in that bed again.
Aaron C.

So I always ended up having foreign students as roommates, no big deal, but these two Chinese douches just pissed me off all the time. They would smoke in the bathroom when it was cold outside and end up throwing their lit cigarettes into the trash and catching the place on fire several times, break shit, not bathe, and the list goes on and on (plus they would tell the RA it was me and the other roommate). Well one particularly cold night, those two went over to another student's place for a party while the other roommate had left for the weekend. I decide that I was going to go stay at another person's place for the night when I noticed they forgot their keys to the apartment so I made sure to throw out their keys and lock everything seeing that they always leave the doors unlocked. It was fun coming back the next day and find out they had to pay an almost $400 fine because they could not find their keys and that all the locks needed to be replaced. Next time smoke outside assholes.
Matt S. from SVSU

I'm studying abroad in Australia with a group of 70 people from my school. We are all staying in a really nice apartment complex and we have some good friends next door. We have balconies that connect and they are nice enough to leave their door unlocked. One night we went in and turned all of their furniture upside down. Everything; kitchen table, couch, chair, alcohol bottles, knife block, dvd player, everything. They weren't too happy but the next night they left the door open again. We snuck in and put their dishes and silverware in various places throughout their apartment. Probably 90 separate places. They laughed it off and finally locked their door the next night. Night 3 we found an open window and snuck in again. We took all of their indoor furniture and put it on the balcony and placed all the balcony furniture inside. We have one week left here and we have a grand finale coming up.
Mitch D. from Augustana

You know how you spray Febreeze on your bed all the time? Yeah, I peed in your Febreeze.
Eric B. from WVU

Last semester I roomed with this chick involved in a cheating ring at school. Because they all were so obnoxious about it I decided to mess with them a bit. I deleted all her stolen essays and renamed some very explicit lesbian sex stories with the essay titles. Her little buddies and she were idiots and never bothered to read any of the documents before they turned them in. Needless to say they all got kicked out of school. Booyah.
Christina H.

I recently moved back in with my mom (she's single) after living with my girlfriend for a few months. Well, last night my mom invites her boyfriend over and he spends the night. The next morning I'm cleaning out my room and while taking out the trash a condom wrapper falls out, before I can retrieve it my mom picks it up and hides it! Well, at least they are using protection….
Chris H. from Loyola University

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