Britain and France are still feeling pretty sore about the last fight that happened. They feel as though they were all too harsh on Germany. Germany walks into the bar and hugs his long lost friend Austria – who he hasn't seen since the first bar fight.

Germany starts to see Spain and his wife have an argument about money. Spain's wife suggests they share the husbands salary equally between them. Germany hears this and throws a punch at the wife. The husband high fives Germany. Britain and France see this but are not bothered. Germany is getting into an aggressive state, but no one has noticed.

Germany sees Czechoslovakia in the bar, and sees he's wearing a watch that was originally taken from him during the first bar fight. Germany wants his watch back, but Britain feels like Germany is getting too aggressive now. Britain and Germany have a debate and agree that Germany should take his watch back. Germany immediately jumps onto Czechoslovakia and beats him senseless. He takes back his watch, but also all his money and jewellery (which Britain did not agree with). But, no one complains.

Germany sees Russia sitting across the bar. Germany feels an uncontrollable hatred for Russia, but goes and sits down with him. They exchange conversation, and pretend they don't hate each other. They then both agree to beat up Poland and take his money.

They begin beating up Poland and share the money between them. Britain and France finally see this and charge for Germany. Unfortunately, Germany had become a bit of a warrior after being left beaten in the first bar fight. Britain put up a good fight as Germany attacked it, but France had been knocked out with Germany's first punch. The rest of Europe charge for Germany, who was backed up by Austria. Germany continues to pummel the rest of Europe with his superior strength.

Germany continues to destroy the rest of Europe. He becomes too big-headed and gently throws a sucker punch into Russia. Russia sees this, and knocks Germany out with a single punch. He continues to beat into Germany leaving him half dead.

America is silently watched the fighting, drinking a pint at the bar. Japan is tired of sitting on the sidelines and body slams America. This causes a brawl between the two, resulting in Japan being crushed under another pointless feud. America sees Germany on the floor next to the defeated France. America runs up to France and helps him up. America then proceeds to kick Germany and Japan simultaneously on the ground.

America once again claims glory for the entire bar fight, and this results in every other country in the bar hating America. None the less, they all still take Germany's money and have more drinks while Japan and Germany lay unconscious. All the countries agree not to have another bar fight for a long time. Until Afghanistan walks into the bar…