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While I was waiting for my mom to pick us up after school the other day, I started juggling, as I usually do. I'm pretty good, so I started throwing around 5 of them, doing a fairly good job of keeping them in the air. Anyway, I'm juggling five, and all of a sudden, I hear a voice on the loudspeaker, saying, "How many are you juggling?" This totally freaked me out for a few seconds, until I saw the black car across the intersection and the man inside holding the microphone to speak through. He asked again, "Are you juggling 4 or 5?" I answered that I was juggling five. He drove past us, and as he did, I realized that I had just been called out by a cop in one of the undercover police cars. Awesome!

Freshman year I was at a dirty, musty basement party with about 40 others. The town we were in is notorious for over-enthusiastic police, and they busted us. Most cops just make people go home, but ours will stop at nothing to ticket everyone they can. After hiding in the disgusting basement for a few minutes, we realized the cops would find us and we were screwed. Not wanting to face my parents after getting a ticket, I found a small cardboard box, emptied it, and squeezed myself under it just as the cops opened the door. It wasn't until 2