Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupid questions? Do they send you absurd text messages? If youve got an example of your Parents Just Dont Understanding, submit it here! And thank God well never be as dumb as they are!

A few weeks ago I received a Facebook message from an older gentleman with the same name as me. He asked me why I stole his name on Facebook. You'd think a CPA in Los Angeles would understand that names aren't necessarily unique.
J W from UC Davis

Last fall, my mother went to Italy with her mother and sister. She took her digital camera in to Wal-Mart and got a CD made with all the pictures. A few days ago, she decided she wanted to mail the CD to her mother, but discovered the CD was in her computer and the tray was jammed. When she called me, I told her she should either email the pictures or make an online album and send the link. She eventually decided that it would be easier for her to pry the tray open with a butter knife and mail the CD to my grandmother than to send the photos electronically.
Heather F from UVic

My grandma is new to facebook and she was so excited when she first posted on my wall. She included the date and our address. Worst of all, in it she bragged how she can write "internetically" and type using her "alphabet keys."
Mio C.

My mom uses facebook as a cropping device. She first uploads an image then makes it her profile picture, does the cropping and then downloads the image back to her computer.
David P

My mom likes to play Solitaire, so my sister and I recently showed her flash versions of the game on her computer. Yesterday she called me over, complaining that "the little hand doesn't come up when I move to click on something." I immediately realized why she was having such a hard time playing Solitaire: she had bookmarked a screenshot. Well done, mom.
Deadly Ninjas

My aunt recently added me on Facebook. I accepted with some trepidation, having heard from my cousins that she can be kind of embarrassing. Right now her profile picture is one of those generic tag-the-person-who… images. The caption reads "i stole this from a friend of a friend. i'm not tagging anyone, as i don't want to enter contentious fb territory…lol — but you know who you are. ;-)"
Angela M

It was snowing the other day (Yup!, I'm from Canada) and someone called my phone asking for my mom. So i gave my iPhone to my mom. After finishing her conversation, she accidentally held on to one of the apps which made the apps "shake." My mom freaked out and said, "i think your phone is shivering, i told you to get a case for it."
Gyan S

My mother just recently learned about facebook and forced me to create one for her. She pestered me for weeks on end until I told her how to do it. She's been on it once and won't get on again because she was mad that the pages "didn't turn like a real book" should.
Natalie Wagner from Bloomsburg University

One day my grandparents got a call from their cable company, offering them one month of internet for free, and a free Wi-Fi router when they extend their contract. Not knowing much about technology, (and never using internet before) they called me up and asked me what Wi-Fi was. I explained how it's the internet, but without wires. So I got them a laptop so they could use their new internet. When they took it out of the box, they walked over to the router (which was on the kitchen counter for some reason) and placed the laptop ON TOP of the router, and turned it on. When the computers bootup screen came up, they said "wow, so this is what the internet looks like."
Patrick M

My mom has owned a computer for 7 years. She just called me to ask what a "username" was.
C. Oney

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