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My now ex and I are both martial artists. One night in class she and I were sparring and I hit her hard enough to bruise her. The next day she went to class and a teacher asked her what happened. Without thinking, she told the teacher, "my boyfriend did it." She was sent to guidance and had to explain the situation to them.
Rob K

Last Saturday my girlfriend and I were gonna have phone sex for the first time. I tried calling her for 20 minutes until she finally picked up the phone. I asked her why she took so long to pick up. She said " I thought phone sex was when you put your phone down your pants and set it to vibrate."
Devin G

I was seeing this guy, and we didn't get physical for about a month. After the first time we had sex, he got up to take a shower and I stayed in bed. After he left the room I realized something weird. There was a brown streak on the bed from where he sat to get up… He shit himself while we were having sex. It was gross. I pretended to never see it. He ended up being a jerk and now I wish I had humiliated him.

My boyfriend thought females only released eggs when they orgasm. I had to sit him down and explain sex education starting with the menstrual cycle.

I didn't pay my overdue credit card bill for weeks because I liked how all their phone calls made me seem more socially connected to my cool new girlfriend.
Eric B.

When I first started dating my boyfriend I was a virgin. Now I am not… I didn't think we did weird things, but compared to some of my girlfriends I guess we do. For example, today I read him Cosmos, "75 things men wished their ex's would have done"… I had done 70 of them with him. The only ones I hadn't done were stuff like rub my feet during sex…. Looks like I'm a little more adventurous than I thought!
Elizabeth P.

I was watching a show with my girlfriend and a segment came on about a guy that got his face burned off. After seeing this, my girlfriend asks, "If I woke up in the morning and I had no face would you still like me?"
Chace D

My girlfriend thought Clint Eastwood was Indiana Jones.
Josh B

My wife spent the day giving me the silent treatment because I didn't "like" her Facebook status.
Adam W

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