Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupid questions? Do they send you absurd text messages? If you've got an example of your Parents Just Dont Understanding, submit it here! And thank God well never be as dumb as they are!

My mom was sitting in the car with her flip-phone open when her phone started ringing. She stared at it with a confused look for a second before asking, "If your phone is already open how do you answer it?"
Stephen M.

I received an e-mail from my grandmother for my birthday on the 22nd of July. My birthday's on the 24. I asked her why she sent it on the 22nd and she said, "I wanted the email to get to you in time."
Dylan R

My dad borrowed my iPod touch the other day. When he asked how to switch it on, I told him to press the button then slide it across. He slid the iPod across the table top.

My uncle just decided to join Facebook but has already forgotten what his login password was. So he actually called one of the IT technicians from the school that he used to work at to come over and help him change it because he wanted to make sure it was "done properly" in case it somehow managed to alter any of the other passwords he uses.
Omar El Bakry

I was in Montreal for work which is about 300 miles from my home town. When I was there my mother sent me a text to "see if the message could make it that far." She was so impressed that the message could travel that far.
Roger M.

My mom was looking at a meter in our car that says miles until empty it read 316 miles until empty, and she said, "Wow we have a 316 gallon tank?"
L Pomales from HCC

My mother forces me to do her typing speed tests for her job.
Harrison Lerner

My whole family bought an iPad for our grandparents so they could stay in touch with us. After 4 months (they sent me an email once every week or so) I watched them type one to my parents, and saw my grandmother very carefully trying to press the bottom of the exclamation mark button. I asked why she did that and she said, 'I'm trying to type a period, but you need to be very precise so you don't press the line above it….' And after explaining how to properly type a period, she claimed that her method would sometimes work too….
Seppe A from Belgium

My mom refuses to let me tell her about the "info" button on our Direct TV remote. So when she wants to know when a program ends, etc. she changes the channel up and back down again really quickly.
Chelsey Fox

A couple of months ago, my mom decided to help protect the environment and save a bunch of papers (and trees) by signing up for an e-billing system. This is how she fairs on till this moment:

She receives about 4 reminders from different creditors each month by paper.After receiving a reminder, she calls me, after which I have to spend at least half an hour to get her on the online banking system. Unfortunately "the system always breaks down", so I have to get in my car, drive about 150 miles to log in to her on line banking system. After I log in, I have to print out each invoice because she likes to keep a copy in a binder. She then proceeds to read the account number and amount out loud while I have to check if the billing information is correct (she makes me check it a dozen times). After this routine, I'm allowed to press the "agreed" button and pay her bills.

The fun doesn't end there. she has a couple of friends which e-mail her on a regular base, so I have to print out each and every message in her inbox (even the spam messages). Her handwritten responses need to be typed out by my brother (who lives 50 miles from home), because I don't know how to work the e-mail (In the past, I've send one(!) of her e-mails to a wrong contact).

Thanks for helping the environment, mom…
Kevin Daems

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