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Well just about 20 minutes ago I got a noise complaint from a girl in the apartment below us. She complained she heard a gun shot like bang. I dropped my can of shaving cream in the shower and it did make quite a big noise. Well the cops came because I suppose the CA's were to lazy to deal with it. I told them what happened and he asked why my face had stubble on it. So awkwardly explained that I was in the middle of shaving my privates. They left right after I told them.-Bob

I was driving home one rainy night down the highway. I was speeding of course, and a cop pulled me over. He asked me why I was speeding, and I answered "because I'm a stupid kid." He went back to his car, and came back and said "Alright, I'm only going to write you up for a seat belt violation."-Muneem

My brother has some weird hobbies, and one of those hobbies is unicycling. At like nine at night last week, he and a buddy were unicycling in a parking lot when two cops showed up. One of the cops yelled, "Dismount your unicycles!" and then asked them if they had weapons. My brother said no, and then the cops asked what they had in their pockets. My brother reached for his pocket and the cops freaked out, then gave him two exceptionally thorough pat downs. Then they made him say the alphabet backwards and breathalized him. After they ran out of things to do, the cops walked away and told them not to be at that parking lot after dark anymore. I really wish my brother had tried to make a break for it on the unicycle.-Lindsey

I was shoplifting with my friends at a supermarket. We were young so we weren't exactly careful about doing this task, We were just about out of the store we when got stopped by an undercover cop who had been watching us. He arrested my friends but he told me that he heard me talking about being Mormon while in the store. He said he'd let me go if I sang 3 Book Of Mormon hyms. In front of everyone.-Carter

When I was 16, living with my parents, my mom and dad went out of town. Even though I was alone at my place, I was still a total geek, so instead of throwing parties or whatever, I simply stayed home listening to "Me and Mrs. Jones," by Billy Paul, at the highest volume, in my 4 box stereo.

After 3 hours of repeating the very same music, my neighbor called the police. When the officer showed up at my place, he asked me if I had the live performance of the song or just the studio one. After playing the 1973 live version, the officer went away without even giving me a notice OR asking to turn down the volume. I always tell my friend about "the day I was listening to such a good song that my neighbor called and officer to come listen to it"-Carlos

It was Sunday, and my mother called to ask me to bring her medicine with me when I came to church later that day. I forgot the medicine at home, and when I got to church, my mother gave me an expectant look. Immediately remembering my promise, I ran out of the church at top speed. I crossed a busy street and only stopped when I was a block from my house. Immediately a white car pulled up behind me, and the cop inside yelled at me to put my hands on the hood. It took five minutes of explaining that I was running home to get my mom's medicine before he would let me go, and even then he followed me all the rest of the way in his squad car. Apparently, he explained, I was running really fast and he didn't see me wearing jogging clothes, so I must have done something wrong.-Colin