Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupid questions? Do they send you absurd text messages? If you've got an example of your Parents Just Dont Understanding, submit it here! And thank God well never be as dumb as they are!

My mom loves animals and yesterday she was watching a show about the cutest puppies in the world and today she was watching the one she recorded (the DVR is the only piece of technology she can operate without assistance) that was about the cutest kittens in the world.

I walked past her and she asked me, "Is there cat stuff on the internet?"
William Lucas from CSU-P

While I was looking up a menu on my phone my dad says to me, "Do you get all that because you have that special thing on your phone? The internet?"
Charles Noooooo

My mom freaked out when I typed my full name into google because she didn't want anybody to hack us.
Marshall Metzger

I work at a restaurant that does a large amount of online ordering. One day I get a call from a woman across the country from us who got a confirmation for an order sent to her email. It took me twenty minutes to convince her that someone had either made up a random email or accidently mistyped theirs rather than her assumption that someone had stolen her identity to get a $12.00 dinner. I barely talked her out of calling the police.
Xandra Ondeck

My parents just called me in a panic. Seems they tried making a youtube account but accidentally made the account name the password for their Gmail account. This apparently is a cause for alarm because they don't know how to delete their Youtube account and pedophiles may gain access to their e-mails and "Internet."
Nick Melas

I was on facebook when a face chat box popped up from my mom saying, "Wazzz up?" She told me my aunt was on the phone with her giving her instuctions on how to chat people because every time she had tried to talk to people before they never said anything back. She said, "It doesn't say anywhere that you have to press enter when you're done."

Really mom? …I liked it better when you didn't know how.
Jess Ica

My mom took pictures of the Pacquiao-Mosley fight ON THE TV! (Now I'm not sure what she's gonna do with the pictures. I hope she doesn't upload it on Facebook then tag me.)She also watched the whole thing while looking at the digital camera because "the quality was crisper."
Shanice Talan

My great aunt wanted a phone just because her purse had a cell phone holder.

When my mom wants to listen to music in the car, she thinks the only way to play a CD that's already in the slot is to quickly eject it and push it back in again. Then to switch back to the radio, she ejects the CD and leaves it sticking halfway out, and then is forced to awkwardly reach her hand under it to blindly push buttons until she somehow manages to change the station. I pointed out the button that is clearly labeled "CD/Radio", but she thinks her way is easier.I haven't seen it yet, but I'll bet she has the same issue with computers.
Billy P

My mom was saving pictures from the facebook accounts of my sister and brother on her own computer. I noticed that she only managed to save 3 copies of 2 photos and they were all saved as internet shortcuts. The worst part was this took her 3 hours.
Random C.

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