Dawson's Creek

If you watched the Saved by the Bell graduation and thought, "Yeah, that was cheesy, but I want a graduation speech that's EXTRA cheesy," look no farther than that zenith of adolescent realism: Capeside High. Yet again, one of our main characters is valedictorian, having somehow maintained a perfect grade point average despite all of the time-consuming drama cropping up in her life on a weekly basis. This is all well and good, but sometimes a personal speech that poignantly encapsulates four season of friendship and emotional upheaval just isn't enough. That's when you bring in the perfectly orchestrated and harmless prank. And the hat throwing. Got to have the hat throwing.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Sometimes TV shows having someone other than a main character give the graduation speech in order to add a little more truth to the event. Oh, did I say "truth"? I meant monsters. Yeah, transforming into a towering lizard/dragon monster, thus requiring the entire student body to take up arms against you is a much better way to end a graduation speech than just congratulating your peers. I'd like to see someone try to do that in real life.