Ghost World

If happiness and love and having everything work out and giving the speech at your graduation is unrealistic, then you'd think Ghost World's complete opposite of all that would be more realistic. Wrong. A crippled ex-crack head giving a humorless speech followed by a cheeseball rap that involves the word "matriculation" are just par for the absurd course in this world where Scarlett Johansson and Thora Birch are social outcasts. Reality is for losers.


Perhaps it's her monotone voice, or her dislike of high school, or the fact that she's animated that makes Daria one of the best, and simultaneously realistic, graduation speakers in fictional history. It's our main character, but she deserves to give the speech. It's sincere, but in character. It's happy, but not the best day ever. It's just graduation. Though, yeah, it could have used a little more hat throwing.