Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupid questions? Do they send you absurd text messages? If you've got an example of your Parents Just Dont Understanding, submit it here! And thank God well never be as dumb as they are!

My mom works about 20 minutes from our house, meaning that she is technically in another town. Well we just got her an HTC Evo and she likes to check the weather when she is at work and at home on her phone. Her phone however does not update constantly so it will still read the weather from her last location for a few moments. This has led to my mom coming to the conclusion that she "drives faster than the Internet."
Drew M from SPU

My father, after looking for Youtube in Google, asked me which result was the website. After I pointed out that it was the first one, he disagreed saying, "It says Youtube – Broadcast Yourself, I don't wanna make a video!"
Lupe Em from Med Tech

Whenever my dad walks into my room, and I say "Hey," his only response is "Up?" He uses it as a short form for "what's up?" Too short, Dad. Too short.
Hanna .

My mother's old laptop recently died, and she got the contents of her old hard drive placed on her new computer. She then proceeded to open every single Word and Excel document from her old computer (over 150 of them) one by one, copy the info, paste it in a new document, save that document then delete the old one. When I asked her why she was doing it, she replied that she "Didn't want the information to degrade" so she needed to "refresh" it.
Talla White

My boss prints each of her business and personal emails (usually from insurance reps, underwriters for companies, occasionally her son). She then writes out her responses, staples any information that needs to go with it, and hands it to me to scan and email back. In the subject, she makes me put "SEE THE ATTACHMENT PLEASE" then makes me type her name at the bottom in a font that looks like cursive. I once tried throwing away the original email and just typing her response but she almost fired me because she thought that it was unprofessional to simply type an email. She also makes me print her a "confirmation", meaning I have to go into sent emails and print it out.

She tells everyone that we're a paperless office, and that I'm teaching her how to work with electric devices.
Gloria Rivera

My mom told me I wasnt allowed to watch youtube videos anymore because she thought people would steal her credit card number.
Nicole P

My mom recently got facebook and when it came time to pick a profile picture she took a picture of one of her and my dad's wedding pictures hanging on the wall and centered the camera so that my dad was cropped out of it—You can see the corner of the picture where the wall begins.
Michaela T from Queen's University

I used to write for a newspaper website – stories about films, food, opinion pieces, all sorts of things. This perplexed my dad. "But why are they putting that on the website?" he'd ask. "Isn't that all about websites?"

Right, because websites only contain content about websites.
Anne W

My dad asked me to make sure I send my mother's day e-card to my mom's ipad, not her email address, because he said she hadn't set up her email on her ipad yet.
Carlie R. from Bates

This past week, I got the brand new iPad 2. I took it home with me today to show parents since they had never seen one before. After showing both of my parents some apps and other cool things the iPad can do, I opened up the Chase Bank app. I showed them what a useful online banking app it is, and showed them that I can even use the iPad's camera to scan and deposit a check. I demonstrated this with a check my dad had given me earlier in the day. After the check was successfully deposited my mother exclaimed, "Wow. technology is amazing nowadays, can it do cash deposits too?"
Ryan Bird from BYUI

My boss asked me if I knew how to print out text messages from her iPhone. I told her that I did not. About an hour later, while making some copies, I found a piece of paper, with the black and white scanned image of her phone, in the trash can. A for effort, I guess.
Matt B

Without fail, every time he sees that I'm on my laptop, my dad will ask me if I'm studying or just "doing the google."
Robyn Kyle from UBC

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