15. Samuel L. Jackson
One of the highest-grossing actors of all time, Jackson is known on-screen as a pirate-mouthed, stone-faced, fool-killer. Interestingly enough, his off-screen life is almost just as badass. In 1969, he and some fellow Morehouse College students held the board of trustees hostage--ON CAMPUS. Consequentially, he served two years in prison, but still somehow managed to receive his degree. After being threatened by the FBI for his connection to the Black Panthers, he decided to shift his attention towards acting. It's no question that Samuel L. is one of the biggest motherf***ing badasses in this motherf***ing world. Or one of the biggest monkey fighting badasses in this Monday to Friday world, if you're reading this on cable.

14. Sean Connery
Arguably the best James Bond and hands down the best Celebrity Jeopardy! contestant (Sorry, Jimmy Fallon's French Stewart), Sir Connery doesn't just portray badasses on screen--he is one. In addition to being an actor, he has also worked as a milkman, coffin polisher, and body builder. Voted Sexiest Man of the Century by People Magazine, it's no secret that women find him irresistible. One time, after snuggling up with one of his female costars, he was confronted by her known-gangster boyfriend, whom he promptly disarmed and laid the smack down on.

13. George Washington
After handing the British a new one in the Revolutionary War, Washington was unanimously chosen to be the first President of the United States. Washington set precedence for future presidents and badasses alike with his strength, bravery, and ability to sit still for portraits. Because of his success in the field of leading revolutions against colonial powers, Washington is considered by many to be a an icon of liberation and freedom. When Napoleon heard of his passing, he ordered ten days of mourning throughout France.

12. Nikola Tesla
Tesla was an electromagnetic genius who arose from the humble origins of a Serbian village. This pigeon-loving celibate treated his numerous female admirers with ambivalence, using any of the eight languages to let them down easy. His intellect found him a rivalry with the likes of Thomas Edison, who admitted, on his death bed, that Tesla's alternating current kicked ass. Tesla's creations always got the bang for their buck. But he never cared about the Benjamins--he reportedly ripped up a billion dollar contract. Tesla's material indifference caused contemporaries to regarded him as a mad scientist. He died broke and alone in a Manhattan hotel suite that was probably using electricity modeled after his own discoveries.

11. Abraham Lincoln
Sixteenth President of the United States, Lincoln was "The Great Emancipator" and a really good top hat wearer. Before becoming president, winning the Civil War, and freeing the slaves, "Honest" Abe was a town champion in wrestling and weight lifting. Boasting a height of 6'4", Lincoln holds the honor of being the tallest animatronic figure in Walt Disney World's The Hall of Presidents.