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A few months ago, my mom set up a Netflix account for my 87 year old Grandmother. My mom set up the account and put a bunch of movies in her queue for her. Everything went smoothly for a while until my Grandmother became sick of the movies she was getting and wanted to get specific movies. Being unaware of the internet or how Netflix works, she began taking matters into her own hands. She decided to start writing hand-written notes stating what movie she wanted to see next. So for a few weeks she would put notes in her Netflix sleeves saying:

"Dear Netflix,The next movie I would like to see is "The King's Speech"Sincerely,Grandma M.

Needless to say, the wonderful people working at Netflix did not pay any attention to these notes and she just received the next movie in her Queue. Of course, this was grounds to yell at her whole family for technology ruining America.
Matt O'Connor

While leading tours at the summer camp where I work, a parent told me his son didn't want to come to camp because "we wouldn't let him iPod with his friends" while he was at camp.
Jared C

My Father-in-law just asked how much Twitter was. Shouldn't be that surprised, he did pay for a membership after all.
Thomas Nagel

My grandma is upset that Jay Leno won't add her on facebook.
aardin schwidlig

My father proudly informed me that he's bought a laptop. On further enquiry, it appears that he's bought a tray to eat his dinner on; it goes on top of his lap you see.
Mallard McDuck

My mom called me frantically the other day while I was working and made me drop everything to help her figure out how to "close google." After about 15 minutes of back and forth arguing over what that meant and taking over her screen remotely, I finally realized she was trying to sign out of her google mail and had literally spent the last 5 hours searching the internet and calling her internet provider to figure it out.
D Pizzle

My mom asked me if she had to pay Google to print an image she had found.
Dori Welicka from GMU

My dad uses a fork to get the SD card out of the camera. All you have to do is push it.
Amy M

My grandpa just got a kindle for his birthday. I set it up for him, adjusting the font size to maximum as he is ludicrously blind. He spent all afternoon absorbed in a novel. After my grandma called us to dinner, he still hadn't come to the table after 10 minutes. I went to see if he was okay. It transpired that he had been using this time to scroll back though literally hundred of pages in order to "close to book."
anonymous anonymous

My mother manually preset the first two font and paragraph styles in Word to Comic Sans.
Mr. Wiggles

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