Ever have a funny/interesting/awesome run in with the law? Want to incriminate yourself on a worldwide-scale? Submit your stories here.

It was a rainy night, and I decided to go to Taco Bell where I knew a bunch of the workers. While I was chit chatting, a couple cop cars went through the drive through. We figured they were hungry, but then another cop car came in and blocked the entrance, another blocked the exit and two more drove up on the lawn. Curious as to what was going on, all the employees stepped out from behind the counter to try and see what was happening outside. Before we knew it, cops started rushing in and yelling, "GET OVER HERE!" repeatedly. One employee asked, "Is there a problem?" but was ignored and continued to yell. I felt as if they were all yelling at me, so I asked if it was me. I then looked over my shoulder and realized I was wearing my umbrella that looks a lot like a sword. I put it down and walked towards the cops, unarmed, and they had me put my hands on the glass, patted me down (gently), and heard them confirm that they had the weapon. They were very mad when they found out it wasn't a weapon, but just an umbrella that I was using for the rain that was pouring down outside. I am now known as the sword wielding maniac that tried to rob Taco Bell.-Robert

In high school, I took a national German exam and basically won a trip because of my marks. So, I had to fly over to Germany. While going through airport carry-on security, I had forgotten to take out some stuff in the unknown depths of cargo-shorts pockets. Naturally, this set off body-scanner thing, and the guy asked me to step through. He said he needed to see what was in my pockets. I reached for my pockets to see if I had anything in there, but that always freaks out cops and TSA agents, so he came forth and grabbed my hands. As he was pulling objects out of my pockets, he found the Rubik's cube I was so obsessed with at the time (3×3). So he asked, "Wait…can you really solve this thing?" "Uh…yeah?" "Wait, I'll get a timer!" I solved it in like 30 seconds and him and his other TSA buddies were so impressed that they just let me go. Whether I should feel insulted or proud, I still don't know.-Matt

A little over a year ago a small-town police officer pulled me over while I was driving to school. The road was deserted, so he must have been bored. I typically forget to carry insurance with me while driving, and as a consequence I'm always leery around law enforcement. Even though I had my insurance on me this particular day, I was shaking. The officer pulled me over to ensure I had my seatbelt on, but when he saw me shaking he thought I was either using drugs or transporting something illegal. He asked if he could search me and the car, and this fascinated me. I generally drive under the speed limit and no one would ever suspect me of breaking the law, so I'd never been frisked before. I let him do it, and we chatted while he searched. He wanted to know why I was so nervous around authority figures, and while I tried to tell him I usually avoided confrontation, I think I came off as a crazy person who lives in the woods and doesn't interact with anyone. I then remembered my backpack had several collections of essays by anarchist Emma Goldman, as well as a few gangster movies including Denzel Washington's American Gangster. The officer found both, and as it turns out he's a big fan of American Gangster. Fortunately he didn't find Goldman too suspicious. He bid me a good day and I continued on my way.-Stephen

When I was 16 I was driving around with some friends in my 1984 Grand Wagoneer with a 6 inch lift on it, hard to miss. One day I decided it would be fun to drive 50 in a 35 and run two, four-way stop signs. As I passed the second stop sign I noticed a police car was stopped going the opposite direction. I immediately took a right and went about a block and parked in someones driveway where there was already two cars parked there. I cowardly sunk into my seat and made my friends hide on the floor. The officer passed twice, I guess he didn't seem to notice that burnt orange eye sore I was driving. After about half an hour I went home making sure not to run any stop signs.-Wallace

I've been living on my own for a few years now off at college. This summer I decided to come back home and live with my very anal parents just to save some cash. When I say my dad is anal, I mean he has anxiety problems and just gets worked up about everything. Well one day my parents and I were heading to eat and my dad offered to drive. This is the first time in over a year I have ridden with him. A few miles down the road we get pulled over and my dad tries to put his seat belt on really quick. A very very young Cop comes to the window and asks my father to be honest whether or not he was wearing it before. My father is now dripping with sweat and probably about to faint at the hint of possibly getting in trouble with the law. The cop obviously notices my father's strange discomfort and goes back to his cruiser to "check my dad's record". He comes back with his hand touching his holster and asks my father to please exit the vehicle because there is a warrant for his arrest. (My father has never ever done anything even remotely seen as bad) my stuttering, sweating father exits the vehicle and the cop acts like he's about to put cuffs on him. Then he starts laughing and immediately apologizes for the joke and tells my dad he'll forget the whole seat belt thing if he is a good sport about the joke. My dad finally takes a breath and says deal and we go on our way. My dad won't even sit in the drivers seat without a seat belt now.-Avery