9. Excitebike (Excitebike)

No list of awesome videogame motorcycles would be complete without the classic pixelated motocross simulator featured in pizza parlors across the country. It usually came as a twofer with Super Mario Bros., but that was just a decoy to keep the other kids away from the screen where true red-blooded 9-year-old motorcycle fanatics could hold court.

Sure, the bikes themselves aren't that great. They overheat and stall out if you so much as brush up against the throttle. But for those fleeting moments after you launch your bike off a giant ramp, as you soar over the rest of the pack like a majestic two-stroke eagle, all those engine troubles are forgotten. And nothing surpasses the pleasure of overtaking that speedy blue asshole & clipping his front tire, forcing him into a brutal head-over-handlebars tumble. I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure this was the first Nintendo game where trying to give your opponent a spinal injury was a key part of the gameplay.