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My girlfriend and I were hanging out at a park in my car, not hooking up (although it was discussed), when she looks out of the window and states that there is a police car pulling into the parking lot. They shine that blinding spotlight at us and two young guys get out of the car. I roll down my window as the driver walks to the car. He looks in and asks us what we're doing and after explaining that we were simply talking, he notices a Cold Stone cup sitting in my cupholder. He asks me when we got Cold Stone because he thought it was closed. I informed him that it didn't close until an hour later and he promptly turned around and yelled, "Dude, let's get the f—- to Cold Stone! It's still open!" and left.
T Ryan

Me and my brothers went fishing. We cought a few fishes and had them hocked in the side of the car because my brother didnt want his car smelling like fish. In the way back, we got pulled over by cops saying that we missed a stop sign (which non of us saw). After a few minutes of talking the cop says "I am going to let you of the hook this time" at which point we started laughing at the irony of the situation. I guess if she had walked to the other side of the car and see all the fished hooked she might had a good laughed too.
R.E. Z.

So, one night I was at my aunt's house with my laptop. Later in the night I decided to go out and pick a taxi, as I had forgotten to bring a backpack with me I decided to just walk with the laptop and the charger in my hands. After walking like 50 meters I realized I had forgotten a book in my aunt's house, so I ran back on my steps. While sprinting to her house, a cop car showed off and inmediatly asked me why was I running with a laptop at those hours. The cops obviously thought I was a thief and were going to arrest me. I had to tell them where was I going and actually ask my aunt to tell them I wasn't a thief. After a brief talk they went without a word and my aunt decided to give me a backpack.
Chucho Freeman

A few years ago a neighbor and I took my golf cart down though a field and stopped by some highway. Being kinda bored that day we went along side of the highway and just threw little stones on the road to watch cars run them over. After a few minutes we decided to go play soccer in my front yard, so we drove back up to my house. A couple of minutes later a cop car pulls into my driveway and a police officer got out and asked us if we saw anyone throwing stones down by the highway and he gave us a complete description two people that fit my friend and me perfectly getting our height, hair color, clothing, and including the golf cart that he could see parked in my driveway. Since we were a bit scared we told him that we didn't see anyone. As he was about to call our horrible bluff, my friend's sister walked over. Surprisingly, the cop just said "Hey Lori, very nice performance last night." and left. At the time I was very confused and had no clue what that was all about, but a few months ago I found out that neighbor and best friend's sister was a stripper.
adam smith

My friend Katie and I were driving around when the song "Caught Up" by Usher came on. We start dancing like crazy and all of the sudden we realize a cop car is behind us. We pull over and turn down the music. The cop comes to the door and asks us what we were doing Katie said we were listening to "Caught Up." The officer says "Caught up? Like caught up in the law?" and Katie says no and the officer asks if she can sing it. She broke out in song and the officer let us off with a warning.
Shelby S

This weekend, my friends and I were on our way back from another friend's MMA fight. We decided it would be a good idea to "stealth dance party" people at red lights. Stealth dance partying basically consists of waiting for someone to roll up next to you, turing on the dome light and then turning techno music up as loud as possible and having a full on dance party in the car until they either start dancing too, or drive away. Well we do this to quite a few cars, and then not realizing it, a cop pulls up next to us. Thinking it's just a regular car, we dance as usual. The cop starts chasing us down so everyone tells me to make random turns. Eventually we end up in a random parking lot. I turned all the lights off and pull out my phone to act like I'm texting. The cop drives by a couple times but then pulls up right behind me with the lights on. He walks up to the window and I say "what seems t be the problem officer?" He asks what we're doing in this random parking lot and I came up with the first excuse that came to mind. I told him "I just pulled over to text since it's illegal to text and drive in Michigan, sir." He replied with "Good answer." and let us get on our way.
Matt Schaefer

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