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So I work as a cashier at a large electronics store. One day while I was working a man comes up to pay for some ink and a few cables. As I am giving him his receipt and his items he hands me a some money and says, "I think you deserve a tip." After he leaves I look at the money and its a $1,000,000,000 bill with a bunch of religious writing on it about how money is evil and only religion can save you.
Mike W

I work as a security guard at a hospital. The other night I called up to a room to "fix a problem" with one of the TVs. Apparently, we get soft-core porn on that channel, and the patient was refusing to let us turn it off
T Shaw

I work at a health food store as a cashier, and today when ringing up a fairly large woman, she pulled her money out of her bra to pay. My first thought was how "classy" this was and then as i grabbed the money, my second thought was how gross this was!! It was covered in what i hope was sweat and not breast milk, and stunk like a full garbage truck on a mid-summer's afternoon. I guess my face reflected how i felt about the smell and wetness because then she said "You don't have to be so rude about it, I didn't have pockets to put it in."

I had just started working at a retirement home and although I didn't have any former experience in the line of work, I liked it. However, about a week after I started I was alone for two hours (between shifts) and was panicking a bit, scared that something would go wrong. A resident's sister was visiting and they where in her room. Suddenly, the alarm that one press when something bad is happening went of from her room. I ran over, scared shitless, just to be greeted by the sister who says "We would like two cups of coffee, please."
Sara T

I used to work at a university IT Center. My job was mainly to help the students that walked in to use the computers. One day, a student walked in, she was pretty old, probably in her late 50s. Anyways, I'm sitting down on a table and she sits next to me. She sits down, greets me, and out of nowhere asks, "You wanna meet my little friend?" before pulling a turtle out of her pocket.
Gilbert Anonymous

I started working at a bar/restaurant as a cook at the beginning of summer classes in college to help out with bills and such. Anyways, a month and a half into the job I notice the deep freezer that I had cleaned out, unplugged and left open was on and shut. I open it, to see a blanket in there. Me, being kind of curious as to why there is a blanket in the freezer, started digging around in it. A few seconds of digging I felt fur. Then I saw fur and that it was just a deer carcass. An hour after that event, I was asked by my boss to help him carry something quick. He needed help carrying the "deer" carcass out. So, I asked why is he freezing the carcass as a whole. He says its not a deer, but his dog that had just died the day before. Alright, back to cooking I go, as well as soaking my hands in bleach before I did anything else that night.
John Doe

I worked in a hardware store and we don't usually get the smartest customers. I believe the best time was a lady coming up to me with two packs of AA Batteries. She then proceeded to ask me what the difference was between the 8AA and the 16AA batteries. I then had to explain that was the number of batteries in the package, the see-through package, which was twice as big as the other one.
Daniel C

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