After six wonderful years at CollegeHumor, Sarah Schneider is leaving for a job as a staff writer at Saturday Night Live.

Sarah has been a fixture at CollegeHumor since 2005, when she was hired as part of the original writing team. Since then, she has accumulated a list of credits far too long to print (you can watch some of our favorite videos with her at the end of this post). Her contributions to CollegeHumor extended far past the articles and videos you see on the site, too. Sarah was our rallying point; always thinking of some new, fun activity the staff could do together and almost single-handedly making CollegeHumor an extremely fun place to spend your twenties. In short, half of Sarah is a level-headed, extremely talented comedy writer and actor. The other half is a force of good-nature that is at once exhausting and exhilarating. Put those two together and you have a rare bird indeed.

We couldn't be happier for her and know she'll succeed in this next phase of her already-impressive career. However, we couldn't send our favorite lady out the door without a fitting farewell. So below you'll find links to a playlist of our favorite moments with Sar and some thoughts from the staff on half a decade spent working with one of the finest comedy writers in the business.

Sarah, we wish you the best of (unneeded) luck.

- Your Friends at CollegeHumor

Our Favorite Videos Starring, or Written By, Sarah

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